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Research Divisions

The research portfolio of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) reflects a wide range of diverse clinical and basic science programs that span translational, educational, and psychiatric services, making significant contributions to scientific knowledge and the delivery of evidence-based care.

Our particular focus is on research in schizophrenia (psychotic), substance use, and affective disorders.

The Department of Psychiatry’s Research Divisions have two major locations:

Psychiatric Services, & Translational and Clinical Research Initiatives in Downtown Baltimore

The University of Maryland, Baltimore campus is co-located with the Schools of Pharmacy, Law, Dentistry, Nursing, and Social Work, affording rich and stimulating collaborations of clinical, scientific, and educational initiatives.

The Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC) located 5 miles south of Baltimore

The Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC) is housed on the Spring Grove State Hospital Campus, where an inpatient treatment unit, large research imaging center, and basic science labs operate. The strong partnership with the State of Maryland Department of Health has contributed to expansive opportunities in the study of population health and schizophrenia research, as well as effective initiatives to address the opioid epidemic.  

With 82 full-time appointed faculty and a current research base of $32.6 million, the working environment of our Department fosters personal and professional growth, healthy collaborations, and a national and international reputation.

Research Programs

The Department’s main research programs are listed below. 

Division of Psychiatric Services Research (DPSR)

To conduct research and translational activities focusing on mental health services, interventions, and policies.

To learn more, visit Division of Psychiatric Services Research (DPSR)

Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC)

To provide treatment to patients with schizophrenia and related disorders, educate professionals and consumers about schizophrenia, and conduct basic and translational research into the manifestations, causes, and treatment of schizophrenia.

To learn more, visit Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC)


To develop and test psychosocial interventions for individuals with mental health disorders, with a particular emphasis on treatments for individuals with serious mental illness and co-occurring somatic, health, social, and neurocognitive deficits.

To learn more, visit Division of Psychology

The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling

To promote healthy and informed choices regarding gambling and problem gambling by providing a free and confidential 24-hour helpline, educating the community about the risks of gambling and gambling addiction through public awareness, training counselors and specialists, and more.

To learn more, visit The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling

Division of Translational and Basic Science Research

To bring together clinician scientists and basic scientists who share a common interest in translational neuroscience research to improve the lives of those who suffer from mental illness.

To learn more, visit Translational Research Laboratories


 Gloria Reeves, MD
Gloria Reeves, MD
Vice Chair of Research

Dr. Reeve's Faculty Profile

 Deanna Kelly
Deanna Kelly, PharmD, BCPP
Interim Director, Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC)

Dr. Kelly's Faculty Profile

Todd Gould, MD
Todd Gould, MD 
Translational and Research Laboratories

Dr. Gould's Faculty Profile

Melanie Bennett, PhD
Director, Division of Psychiatric Research Services (DPSR)

Dr. Bennett's Faculty Profile