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Centers and Programs

Division of Psychiatric Services Research

The Division of Psychiatric Services Research (DPSR) is devoted to research on the development and delivery of services for persons with complex mental health conditions.

Center for Mental Health Services Research

The Center for Mental Health Services Research focuses on research related to the development, implementation, and dissemination of mental health interventions and services across systems of care.

Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Collaborative


Howard Goldman, MD, PhD

Howard H. Goldman, MD, MPH

The Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Collaborative is a longstanding collaboration between the Department of Psychiatry and the State of Maryland, focused on using research to ensure that the mental health services delivered by the state’s Behavioral Health Administration are evidence-based and provided with fidelity by trained clinicians. The Collaborative is organized as three integrated Centers.

  • The Evidence-Based Practice Center provides UMB specialists to train mental health service providers across Maryland in evidence-based services for some of the system’s most vulnerable patients, including Supported Employment, Family Psychoeducation, and Assertive Community Treatment.
  • The Systems Evaluation Center conducts evaluations of the Public Mental Health System of Maryland and led the development and implementation of the state’s Outcomes Measurement System for outpatient mental health services.
  • The Training Center partners with the Behavioral Health Administration to plan, organize, and administer a diverse set of training activities to support the efficacy of the state’s public mental health system.

Family Informed Trauma Treatment (FITT) Center

The Family Informed Trauma Treatment (FITT) Center partners with families, providers, and local and national networks to increase behavioral health equity for children and families who have experienced chronic trauma and stress. This center focuses on the delivery of trauma-informed services to Baltimore families who have suffered chronic trauma, and on the expansion of knowledge and skills to promote family resiliency and positive outcomes.