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Topics for Discussion

Suggested Topics for Discussion between the Mentor and Mentee

  • How is the mentor’s department organized? How are decisions made and what opportunities are available for mentee involvement?
  • What conferences should the mentee attend?
  • Authorship etiquette: On collaborative efforts, how are authors listed?
  • Where should the mentee publish? What should the mentee publish? How much/how often?
  • How important are grants? How do mentees get involved with the UMSOM Career Development Office? How does a mentee think of project or grant ideas? How does the mentee improve their writing? How much effort should the mentee invest in capturing research funding? What are departmental expectations of percent salary to be supported by external grant funding?
  • What does the mentee and mentor see as a potential research niche in the mentee’s department?
  • Should the mentee give presentations within their own department? In other public settings?
  • How does the mentee assemble a teaching portfolio?
  • What are the mentee’s clinical interests, and does he/she/they have plans for developing programs?
  • Should the mentee supervise students?  What are some tips for doing so?
  • How much committee work should the mentee expect to perform within their division? UMSOM? Locally and nationally?
  • How important is public service?
  • What steps are needed for promotion?
  • What are the mentee’s scientific interests? Are there opportunities for collaborative work?
  • What makes you feel valued in your different roles, in your Division, and in the Department? If you are not feeling valued, how can I help develop solutions?
  • What is your timeline for career advancement? Discuss opportunities for career advancement. Start these conversations early in the mentoring process and have this on the agenda at all meetings.