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Faculty Mentorship Program

Department of Psychiatry Faculty Mentorship Program
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Purpose and Objectives of the Department of Psychiatry Mentoring Program (DPMP)
The DPMP is designed to help young, new, or previously unmentored faculty members plan their academic careers and engage in scholarly activities with the advice of more experienced colleagues. This DPMP has two tracks developed to meet the needs of both 1) Researchers and 2) Clinician/Educators.

Eligibility: As a member of an academic institution all faculty are expected to be involved in life-long learning and strive to move through the promotion process. There are instances where mentorship is not needed; however, the spirit of the program is to help faculty set goals, improve collaboration, strive for their best, seek research opportunities when applicable, grow professionally and be on track for promotion and tenure.


1) Any full-time, non-tenure track faculty at the level of Instructor or Assistant Professor (or higher) who are <6 years from completing their terminal training (clinical training, residency, fellowship or graduate education);

2) Any faculty seeking tenure or tenure track faculty who with Assistant Professor (or higher).

The DPMP is OPTIONAL for all other faculty:

Process: Participation in the DPMP will assist faculty members in achieving scholarly impact as required by appointment and necessary for reaching promotion and tenure goals. The DPMP is designed to also help assist with setting goals and expectations for teaching, service, and clinical impact. 

The DPMP will specifically require faculty:

1) To have at least one identified mentor with whom regular interactions and meetings should occur; 

2) To set goals (“Goal Plan”) with the advice and input of their mentor; and

3) To attend at least annually a meeting with the DPMP Committee for a presentation and discussion on their progress.

Participation in the DPMP will not guarantee promotion or tenure and the DPMP Committee will not assume the responsibility or a role in the promotion or tenure process and is separate from the Appointment, Promotions and Tenure (APT) committee. Because the DPMP is set up for their benefit, faculty members should take considerable responsibility for making the mentorship relationship(s) work. This process is not meant to be a burden on new or young faculty members but a process to optimize their success in the Department of Psychiatry and School of Medicine.

While mentees can self-refer to the DPMP, Division/Department leads will recommend mentees within their division.  

Faculty Mentoring Goal Plan 

Click here to download the Faculty Mentoring Goal Plan. 

Additional information 

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