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Mentoring Process

1) The DPMP is MANDATORY for:

a) Any full time Instructor, Assistant Professor or soon to be Instructor/Assistant Professor (or higher) faculty who are <6 years post-completion of their terminal training (clinical training, residency, fellowship or graduate education) and on the nontenure track;
b) Any faculty seeking tenure track or tenure track faculty who have academic rank of Assistant Professor. All others may participate optionally.

2) The DPMP will provide the faculty member with onboarding and information on the DPMP process.

3) The faculty member will identify a primary mentor(s) and is encouraged to discuss mentoring possibilities within their existing relationships. A secondary mentor is needed for anyone on the tenure track. The DPMP Committee will help identify the primary mentor (and secondary) if needed.

4) The faculty mentee will set up meetings with the primary/secondary mentor(s). At this initial meeting the faculty mentee, with guidance from mentors, will develop a career Goal Plan. A template for this Goal Plan is provided. A two year+ Goal Plan is required for those on the Research track and a minimum one-year goal plan is required for those on the Clinician/Educator track. The mentee’s Division Director will review and approve the Goal Plan. No required meeting schedule is mandated but the DPMP encourages regular interaction and suggests meeting at least quarterly with the mentor and more often for tenure track faculty.

5) The faculty mentee and primary/secondary mentor(s) will meet at least annually with the DPMP Committee to ensure a shared understanding and expectations of the mentored faculty member, for the mentee to present their Goal Plan and to discuss productivity toward goals. The mentee will also have the opportunity to have an independent discussion with the DPMP Committee to ensure any mentor-mentee issues can be addressed.