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Educational & Training Initiatives

Dr. Welsh and researchers in a meeting

Addiction Fellowship Program
Both Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Programs are administered through the Division of Addiction Research and Treatment. The Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program is the only one of its kind in the state. To date, the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship program has graduated 48 fellows, and the Addiction Medicine Fellowship program has graduated 6 fellows.

A committee of SOM faculty from multiple departments, in collaboration with OME, has drafted Core Competencies for Medical School Education in Addiction. The committee has reviewed all current course offerings to medical students to identify competencies not currently addressed by the current curriculum. The committee has recommended addition of content to existing courses, and is finalizing recommendations for new course offerings.

Medical Student/Resident Addiction Education
UMSOM and the Division of Addiction Research and Treatment provide basic science and clinical addiction education to UMB medical students, UMMC residents, UMB students from other schools, and the community at large.

Naloxone and Overdose Prevention Awareness and Training
Several of our faculty members have been an integral part of city and state initiatives that aim to curtail the number of heroin-related overdose fatalities, by delivering naloxone administration training classes to members of the police force, fire department, and to community members at large.

UMMC Opioid Task Force
Our Faculty have been leaders in the development of hospital policies for acute and chronic pain management and safe opioid prescribing.

Tuerk Conference
Every April in collaboration with NCADD-MD, DART hosts the Tuerk Conference on Addiction Treatment. This is the largest single-day addiction conference in the country. Over the last 29 years, it has grown from a small grand rounds lecture to a large-scale conference with 1,600 in attendance. Each year there are specific talks and workshops on a variety of substance use issues. The conference draws attendees from all over the Mid-Atlantic region and speakers from all over the country. It is the main educational event for the Maryland region on addiction treatment.