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Junliang Xu, PhD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:

Radiation Oncology


UMMC/Radiation Oncology GGJ40

Phone (Primary):


Education and Training

  • University of Science & Technology of China, B.S., Theoretical Physics, 2006
  • Kansas State University, Ph.D., AMO Physics, 2012
  • The Ohio State University, Postdoctoral Researcher, AMO Physics, 2017
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center, Residency, Therapeutical Medical Physics, 2020


Dr. Junliang Xu joined University of Maryland on July 2020 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology, after the completion of his medical physics residency at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA. He is also an associate faculty with University of Maryland Baltimore Graduate School for the medical physics certificate program since 2021. He received a Bachelor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Science & Technology in China.  He completed his Ph.D. in Physics at Kansas State University, followed by his Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Physics at The Ohio State University. His research interests include FLASH therapy, Linac-based SRS, single vocal cord irradiation, dual-energy CT, and radiobiology.

Highlighted Publications

  • Poirier, S. Mossahebi, S. J. Becker, B. Koger, Junliang Xu, N. Lamichhane, P. G. Maxim, & A. Sawant “Radiation shielding and safety implications following linac conversion to an electron FLASH-RT unit” Med. Phys. 48, 5396-5405 (2021)
  • Poirier*, Junliang Xu*, S. Mossahebi, F. Therriault-Proulx, & A. Sawant “Characterization and practical applications of a novel plastic scintillator for online dosimetry for an ultrahigh dose rate (FLASH)” Med. Phys., 1-11 (2022);    * These authors contributed equally to the work
  • Cao, D. Kunaprayoon, Junliang Xu, & L. Ren “AI-assisted clinical decision making (CDM) for dose prescription in radiosurgery of brain metastases using three-path three-dimensional CNN” Clin. Transl. Radiat. Oncol. 39, 100565 (2023);

Additional Publication Citations

  • Junliang Xu, C. I. Blaga, A. D. DiChiara, E. Sistrunk, K. Zhang, Z. Chen, A.-T. Le, T. Morishita, C. D. Lin, P. Agostini & L. F. DiMauro, “Laser-induced electron diffraction for probing rare gas atoms” Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 233002 (2012). 

          Highlighted by Nature Photonics in 2013 (Link)

  • I. Blaga*, Junliang Xu*, A. D. DiChiara, E. Sistrunk, K. Zhang, P. Agostini, T. A. Miller, L. F. DiMauro & C. D. Lin, “Imaging ultrafast molecular dynamics with laser-induced electron diffraction” Nature (Letter), 483, 194-197 (2012).  * These authors contributed equally to the work

          Highlighted by Departmental of Energy (Link) and selected as the Cover Page of Laser Focus World (Sep 2013)

  • Park, Z. Wang, H. Xiong, S. B. Schoun, Junliang Xu, P. Agostini & L. F. DiMauro, “Size dependent high-order harmonic generation in rare-gas clusters” Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 263401 (2014).
  • Junliang Xu*, C. I. Blaga*, K. Zhang, Y. H. Lai, C. D. Lin, T. A. Miller, P. Agostini & L. F. DiMauro, “Diffraction using laser-driven broadband electron wave packets” Nature Commun. 5, 4635 (2014).   * These authors contributed equally to the work
  • Wang, H. Park, Y. H. Lai, Junliang Xu, C. I. Blaga, F. Yang, P. Agostini & L. F. DiMauro, “The Roles of photo-carrier doping and driving wavelength in high harmonic generation from a semiconductor” Nature Commun. 8, 1686 (2017).
  • H. Lai*, Junliang Xu*, U. B. Szafruga, B. K. Talbert, X. Gong, K. Zhang, H. Fuest, M. F. Kling, C. I. Blaga, P. Agostini & L. F. DiMauro, “Experimental investigation of strong field-ionization theories for laser fields from visible to midinfrared frequencies” Phys. Rev. A 96, 063417 (2017).  * These authors contributed equally to the work

          Selected as Editors’ Suggestion (Link) in 2017