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Piotr Walczak, MD, PhD

Academic Title:


Primary Appointment:

Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Additional Title:



HSF III, 670 W. Baltimore Street, Room 1172

Phone (Primary):

(410) 706-7904

Education and Training


1991-1995 Baccalaureate, Biology, Nicolaus Copernicus Lyceum, Olsztyn, Poland
1995-2002 M.D., Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
2011-2012 Ph.D., Medicine/Cell-based thearpy, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland


2002-2004 Postdoc, Department of Neurosurgery, University of South Florida (Dr. T. Zigova), Tampa, FL
2004-2006 Postdoc, Department of Radiology, Johns Hopkins University (Dr. J.W. Bulte), Baltimore, MD



Research/Clinical Keywords

Stem Cells, Molecular Imaging, MRI, Neurointervention, Brain, Neurology, Intra-arterial

Highlighted Publications

Chu C, Jablonska A, Lesniak WG, Thomas AM, Lan X, Linville RM, Li S, Searson PC, Liu G, Pearl M, Pomper MG, Janowski M, Magnus T, Walczak P. Optimization of Osmotic Blood-brain Barrier Opening to Enable Intravital Microscopy Studies on Drug Delivery in Mouse Cortex. J Control Release, 2020. 317: p. 312-321.

Li S,  Oh BC, Chu C, Arnold A, Jablonska A, Furtmüller GJ, Qin HM, Boltze J, Magnus T, Ludewig P, Janowski M, Brandacher G, Walczak P. Induction of Immunological Tolerance to Myelinogenic Glial-restricted Progenitor Allografts. Brain, 2019. 142(11): p. 3456-3472.

Walczak P, Janowski M. Chemobrain as a Product of Growing Success in Chemotherapy - Focus on Glia as both a Victim and a Cure. Neuropsychiatry (London), 2019. 9(1): p. 2207-2216.

Lesniak WG, Chu C, Jablonska A, Behnam Azad B, Zwaenepoel O, Zawadzki M, Lisok A, Pomper MG, Walczak P, Gettemans J, Janowski M et al. PET Imaging of Distinct Brain Uptake of a Nanobody and Similarly-sized PAMAM Dendrimers after Intra-arterial Administration. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 2019. 46(9): p. 1940-1951.

Zawadzki M, Walecki J, Kostkiewicz B, Kostyra K, Pearl MS, Solaiyappan M, Walczak P, Janowski M. Real-time MRI Guidance for Intra-arterial Drug Delivery in a Patient with a Brain Tumor: Technical Note. BMJ Case Rep, 2019. 12(1).

Golubczyk D, Malysz-Cymborska I, Kalkowski L, Janowski M, Coates JR, Wojtkiewicz J, Maksymowicz W, Walczak P. The Role of Glia in Canine Degenerative Myelopathy: Relevance to Human Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Mol Neurobiol, 2019. 56(8): p. 5740-5748.

Chu C, Liu G, Janowski M, Bulte JWM, Li S, Pearl M, Walczak P. Real-Time MRI Guidance for Reproducible Hyperosmolar Opening of the Blood-Brain Barrier in Mice. Front Neurol, 2018. 9: p. 921.

Malysz-Cymborska I, Golubczyk D, Kalkowski L, Burczyk A, Janowski M, Holak P, Olbrych K, Sanford J, Stachowiak K, Milewska K, Gorecki P, Adamiak Z, Maksymowicz W, Walczak P. MRI-guided Intrathecal Transplantation of Hydrogel-embedded Glial Progenitors in Large Animals. Sci Rep, 2018. 8(1): p. 16490.

Kalkowski L, Malysz-Cymborska I, Golubczyk D, Janowski M, Holak P, Milewska K, Kedziorek D, Adamiak Z, Maksymowicz W, Walczak P. MRI-guided Intracerebral Convection-enhanced Injection of Gliotoxins to Induce Focal Demyelination in Swine. PLoS One, 2018. 13(10): p. e0204650.

Guzman R, Janowski M, Walczak P. Intra-Arterial Delivery of Cell Therapies for Stroke. Stroke, 2018. 49(5): p. 1075-1082.

Semenkow S, Li S, Kahlert UD, Raabe EH, Xu J, Arnold A, Janowski M, Oh BC, Brandacher G, Bulte JWM, Eberhart CG, Walczak P. An Immunocompetent Mouse Model of Human Glioblastoma. Oncotarget, 2017. 8(37): p. 61072-61082.

Lyczek A, Arnold A, Zhang J, Campanelli JT, Janowski M, Bulte JW, Walczak P. Transplanted Human Glial-restricted Progenitors Can Rescue the Survival of Dysmyelinated Mice Independent of the Production of Mature, Compact Myelin. Exp Neurol, 2017. 291: p. 74-86.


Links of Interest

Dr. Walczak is the Co-Director of the Program in Image Guided Neurointerventions (PIGN).