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Stephen L. Seliger, MD, MS

Academic Title:

Associate Professor

Primary Appointment:


Secondary Appointment(s):

Epidemiology & Public Health


10 N. Greene Street Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone (Primary):

(410) 605-7000 x5231


(410) 328-5685

Education and Training

1988-1992       B.A.     Columbia College, Columbia University, New York, NY

1992-1996       M.D.    New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY

2000-2002       M.S.    Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of Washington, Seattle, WA


I received my medical education from New York University School of Medicine and a Master’s of Science in Epidemiology from the University Of Washington School Of Public Health.   I completed my Internal Medicine residency at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, and my Nephrology fellowship training at the University of Washington.  I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, and an attending physician at the Baltimore VAMC and the University of Maryland Medical Center. 

As a clinical investigator, my research interests relate to:

  1. Cognitive and Physical Function in older adults with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  I am the Principal Investigator on a multi-center clinical trial of exercise training in older adults with CKD (NCT01462097). 


  2. Cardiac-specific biomarkers in aging.  I am the co-Principal Investigator on an upcoming pilot-level clinical trial to test the feasibility of a biomarker-based protocol for prevention of heart failure in older adults.


  3. Polycystic Kidney Disease.  I am the Director of the Baltimore PKD  Center Clinical and Translational Core (NCT01873235) and Site Investigator for the multicenter TAME-PKD clinical trial of metformin (NCT02656017).

I am a member of the editorial boards for Circulation and American Journal of Kidney Disease, and as Associate Editor of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.    I am the Vice-Chairman for the VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Psychosocial Health and Social Reintegration Merit Review Committee.  I also serve as Vice-Chairman of the Medical Review Board for ESRD Network 5 and on the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Supportive Care in Kidney Disease.


Research/Clinical Keywords

Chronic Kidney Disease Aging Cognition Physical Function Polycystic Kidney Disease Cardiac Biomarkers

Highlighted Publications

Seliger SL, Siscovick DS, Stehman-Breen CO, Gillen DL, Fitzpatrick A, Bleyer A, Kuller LH#.  “Moderate renal impairment and risk of dementia among older adults:  the Cardiovascular Health Cognition Study”.  J Am Soc Nephrol 2004; 15(7):1904-11

Seliger SL.  Frailty and Cognitive Impairment in ESRD: Brain-Body Connections.”  Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2015 Dec 7;10(12):2104-6. 

Seliger SL, Wendell CR, Waldstein SR, Ferruci L, Zonderman AB.  “Renal Function and Long-term Decline in Cognitive Function: The Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging”.  Am J Nephrol 2015, 2015, 41(4-5):305-12

deFilippi CR, deLemos JA, Christenson RH, Gottdiener JS, Kop WJ, Seliger SL.  “Association of serial measures of cardiac troponin T using a sensitive assay with incident heart failure and cardiovascular mortality in older adults.”  JAMA 2010; 304(22):2494-2502.

Seliger SL, de Lemos J, Neeland IJ, Christenson R, Gottdiener J, Drazner MH, Berry J, Sorkin J, deFilippi C. “Older Adults, "Malignant" Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, and Associated Cardiac-Specific Biomarker Phenotypes to Identify the Differential Risk of New-Onset Reduced Versus Preserved Ejection Fraction Heart Failure: CHS (Cardiovascular Health Study)”.  JACC: Heart Failure, 2015 Jun;3(6):445-55





Additional Publication Citations

Awards and Affiliations

  1. Vice-Chairman, Medical Review Board, Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition (ESRD Network 5)
  2. Member, Editorial Board, Circulation
  3. Member, Editorial Board, Clinical J Am Soc Nephrol
  4. Member, Executive Committee, Coalition for Supportive Care of Kidney Patients (CSCKP)
  5. Vice-Chairman, VA Merit Review Rehabilitation Research & Development Review Committee #4 – Psychosocial Health and Social Reintegration 
  6. Co-Editor, Evidence-Based Nephrology Series, Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN)

Grants and Contracts

R01-DK090401 (Seliger/Weiner)                                                                           9/1/2011-8/30/2017


 “Randomized trial of exercise training on cognitive and physical function in CKD”

 The major goals of this project are to determine the effect of 12 months aerobic exercise training compared to directed health education control on neurocognitive function, aerobic capacity, and physical performance in older adults with CKD. 

Role:  Principal Investigator                                                                                   


NIH/NIDDK 2P30DK090868-07 (Watnick)                                                                     7/1/2015-6/30/2020

“Baltimore PKD Research and Clinical Core Center”

 The Goals are: 1) To provide critical state of the art reagents and expertise to a national and international group of investigators interested in polycystic kidney disease. 2) To continue to support a vibrant PKD research community that will lead to collaborative interactions between members of the research base and particularly between Basic and Clinical PKD investigators. 3) To establish enrichment activities that encourage open and critical thought and yield creative approaches to research questions. 4) To provide Pilot and Feasibility Funds to junior investigators, to support innovative lines of inquiry and to recruit new expertise to the PKD field.

 Role: Director,Clinical and Translational Core. 





Community Service