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Joseph E. Cleary, PsyD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

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Education and Training

  • Widener University, BA, Psychology, 2006
  • Widener University, Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology (APA Accredited), MA, Clinical Psychology, 2008
  • Widener University, Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology (APA Accredited), Psy.D, Clinical Psychology, Concentration in Neuropsychology and School Psychology, 2011
  • The Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health and Clinical Research Center of New Jersey, Predoctoral internship in pediatric neuropsychology, 2011
  • Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore, MD, Postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology, 2013


Dr. Cleary is a licensed psychologist and pediatric neuropsychologist specializing in brain-behavior relationships. He conducts comprehensive neurocognitive assessments for children ranging from school age to late adolescence. Focusing on assessing higher cortical functions, he clarifies diagnoses and aids in the development of treatment and education plans tailored to each child's unique neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Cleary's expertise extends to evaluating children with complex medical conditions such as neurological disorders, brain injuries, neurodevelopmental disorders, and neurocognitive disorders. Additionally, he provides training and supervision to doctoral students in psychology and neuropsychology.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Pediatrics, neuropsychology, cognition assessment, neurocognitive assessment, academic assessment, brain-behavior relationships, school psychology, acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities.