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Rosemary A. Kozar, MD, PhD

Academic Title:


Primary Appointment:


Administrative Title:

Acting Director of the National Study Center (NSC); Co-Director of STAR-ORC

Additional Title:

Director of Translational Research, Shock Trauma Center


22 S. Greene Street Baltimore, MD 21201

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Education and Training


  • Indiana University of PA, BS, Rehabilitation, 1980
  • University of Pittsburgh, Post-baccalaureate, 1982
  • Temple University School of Medicine, MD, 1986
  • Baylor College of Medicine, PhD, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, 1992

Post Graduate Education and Training

  • University of TX Health Science Center at Houston, Internship, General Surgery, 1987
  • University of TX Health Science Center at Houston, Residency, General Surgery, 1988
  • Temple University School of Medicine, Residency, General Surgery, 1995
  • University of TX Health Science Center at Houston, Fellowship, Surgical Critical Care, 2000


Dr. Rosemary Kozar is currently a Tenured Professor of Surgery, Co-Director of the Shock Trauma Anesthesia Research (STAR) Center and Director of Translational Research at the University of Maryland R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. She completed medical school at Temple University School of Medicine then surgical training and surgical critical care at the University of Texas Houston and Temple University while also obtaining a PhD at Baylor College of Medicine.  Her research interests are in nutrition in the critically ill and endothelial dysfunction after hemorrhagic shock.

She has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles and has been continuously funded by the NIH for almost 15 years.  In addition to her role in the AAST, she serves as committee chair for the American College of Surgeons Verification Review Committee of the COT and the Women in Surgery Committee and is past President-elect of the Shock Society. 

Research/Clinical Keywords

hemorrhagic shock, syndecan-1, endothelial dysfunction, injured elderly

Highlighted Publications

Basic Science Publications

Wu F, Peng Z, Park PW, Kozar RA. Loss of syndecan-1 abrogates the pulmonary protective phenotype induced by plasma after hemorrhagic shock. Shock. 2017 Jan 19. [Epub ahead of print]

Peng Z, Pati S, Potter D, Brown R, Holcomb JB, Grill R, Wataha K, Park PW, Xue H,  Kozar RA. Fresh frozen plasma lessens pulmonary endothelial inflammation and hyperpermeability after hemorrhagic shock and is associated with loss of syndecan-1. Shock. 2013 40(3):195-202.

Ban K, Peng Z, Kozar RA. Inhibition of ERK ½ worsens intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury. PLoS One 2013, Sep 20;8(9):e76790.

Additional Publication Citations

Dr. Kozar's complete list of publications can be found in

Research Interests

Dr. Kozar's research interests are in nutrition in the critically ill and endothelial dysfunction after hemorrhagic shock.

Clinical Specialty Details

  • Board certified in general surgery
  • Added qualifications in surgical critical care
  • Clinical and research focus are in trauma and critical care

Awards and Affiliations

  • 1985 - Boehringer Ingelheim National Pharmacology Award
  • 1986 - The Doctor Herman Brown Award for Excellence in the Study of the Art and Science of Surgery, Temple University School of Medicine
  • 1990 - Career Development Award (NRSA). NIH.
  • 1994 - Delaware Valley Vascular Society Residents Competition, First prize
  • 1998 - Mary Dewitt Petit Research Fellowship. Medical College of Pennsylvania
  • 2002 - Frank Webber Prize for Student Research, Third Place, University of Texas - Houston, Research Mentor for Craig Messick, medical student.
  • 2002 - Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, University of Texas-Houston
  • 2002 - Career Development Award (K08). NIH.
  • 2003 - Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, University of Texas-Houston
  • 2004 - Research Mentor for Alpha Omega Alpha Student Research Fellowship recipient, Keith Gates, Medical student at the University of Texas-Houston
  • 2004 - Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, University of Texas- Houston
  • 2005 - Research Mentor for the winner of the Dr. Edward S. Reynolds Memorial Award in Pathology, Adam Childs, Medical student, at the 46th Annual National Student Research Forum in Galveston, TX
  • 2005 - Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, University of Texas- Houston
  • 2005-2006 - Master Teachers Research Award, University of Texas-Houston
  • 2006-2007 - Master Teacher Research Award, University of Texas-Houston
  • 2008 - T.R.U.E. Research Foundation Endowment Award
  • 2010 - C. Frank Webber Prize for Student Research, First Place, University of Texas- Houston, Research Mentor for Ryan Brown, medical student
  • 2013 - Top Doctors 2013 Houstonia, Houston, TX
  • 2014 - American Medical Association Seed Grant, Research mentor for Anthony LeBlanc
  • 2015 - Nina Starr Braunwald Award by the Association of Women Surgeons

Grants and Contracts

Active Grants:

9/13/2013 – 5/31/2017
Rosemary Kozar, PI, 25% effort
Syndecan shedding after trauma and hemorrhagic shock
Annual direct costs averages $297,000
Total direct costs $800,000

3/15/2016- 8/15-2017
Rosemary Kozar, PI, 3% effort
Effect of hypobaria after polytrauma on gut function and its microbiota
Air Force
Total costs $257,000

Completed Grants:

Rosemary Kozar, Co-Inv 2%;PI-John Holcomb
NIH T32 Training grant
Translational Research in Trauma and Hemorrhagic Shock
Total direct costs $1,835,640
Associate Director

3/1/2014 to 10/31//2014
Rosemary Kozar, Faculty sponsor 0% effort
American Medical Association, peer-reviewed
Luminal Tranexamic Acid Abrogates Acute Lung Injury After Hemorrhagic Shock via Syndecan-1
Total direct costs $2,443

1/1/2013- 10/31/20114
Rosemary Kozar, Site PI 2% effort
NIH R03 multi-center trial
A Randomized Trial of Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition in Under and Over Weight Critically Ill Patients: The TOP UP Trial
Per diem cost per patient enrolled
Responsible for overall study coordination of an ICU-based nutrition study

Rosemary Kozar, Co-inv; PI-Kone 
T35 Training grant
Short Term Research Training
Total direct costs: $561,606
Member of the steering committee

1-2010 to 6-30-2014
Rosemary Kozar, Co-Inv, 25% effort; PI-Bryan Cotton
Evaluation of lyophilized plasma in models of vascular injury and hemorrhagic shock.
Annual direct costs
Total direct costs $1,500,000

9-2007 to 6-2012
Rosemary Kozar, PI 30% effort
Induction of molecular mediators by enteral nutrients in the postishemic gut.
Total direct costs $1,400,000

8-2011 to 7/2013
Rosemary Kozar, Co-Inv 0% effort
National Trauma Institute Multi-center study; peer reviewed
Splenic Injury Prospective Outcomes Trial
Total direct costs $21,100
Responsible for overall study coordination of a trauma related clinical study

2/2009 to 9/2013
Rosemary Kozar, Pi ?
This award was a sub-award under a larger clinical trial
Inflammation and Adiposity After Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation.
Total direct costs $150,000                          

3-2011 to 2-2012
Rosemary Kozar, faculty mentor 0% effort
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation. Peer-reviewed
Novel assessment of admission sarcopenia and nutritional adequacy in the injured elderly requiring ICU admission.
Total direct costs $11,000. 

6-2004 to 5-2009
Rosemary Kozar, Project PI 10% effort; Program PI Fred Moore
Impaired Gut Transit and Hypertonic Saline
Total direct costs $1,372,602.

7-2006 to 6/2010
Rosemary Kozar, Mentor  0% effort
NIH T-32 Training Grant
Role of the gut in postinjury multiple organ failure Mentor.
Total direct $1,278,732.

5-2007 to 4-2009
Rosemary Kozar, PI
T.R.U.E. Research Foundation.
Role of Endothelial and Epithelial Glycocalyx in protection by plasma during hemorrhagic shock.
Total direct $109,000.

8-2002 to 7-2007
Rosemary Kozar, PI 75% effort
Gut Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury is Modulated by Enteral Nutrients.
Total direct costs $596,430

Rosemary Kozar, PI 0% effort
Master Teacher Education Grant; University of Texas-Houston
An Intense Tutorial Program for At-Risk Students to Enhance Success on the NBME Surgery Shelf Exam.
Total direct costs $30,000.

Rosemary Kozar, PI
NIH NRSA  Free radical-induced alterations in endothelial cell function.
Total Direct costs $46,000.

7-1998 to 6-1999
Rosemary Kozar, PI
Mary DeWitt Petit Research Fellowship.
Antioxidant defense during recovery from acute lung injury.
Total direct costs $10,000.

7-1998 to 6-1999
Rosemary Kozar, PI

Professional Activity

Professional Society Memberships

  • 1990 - Initiate, American College of Surgeons
  • 1991 - Member, Association of Academic Surgeons
  • 1995 - Member, Association of Women Surgeons
  • 1998 - Fellow, American College of Surgeons
  • 1998 - Member, Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • 1999 - Member, American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
  • 2000 - Member, Shock Society
  • 2002 - Member, Society of University Surgeons
    2004 - Member, Western Trauma Association
  • 2004 - Member, American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
  • 2006 - Member, American Physiology Society
  • 2011 - Member, American Surgical Association


  • 1987 - Diplomate, American Board of Medical Examiners
  • 1996 - Diplomate, American Board of Surgery (Recertification 2015)
  • 2000 - Certificate of Added Qualifications in Surgical Critical Care (Recertification 2011)