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Philip H. Iffland, PhD

Academic Title:

Research Associate

Primary Appointment:


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Education and Training

BA - Zoology; Miami University - 2009

MA - Biology; Kent State University - 2012

Ph.D - Cellular and Molecular Biology; Cleveland Clinic/Kent State Collaborative Doctoral Program - 2015

Postdoctoral Fellowship - Molecular Neuroscience; Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University - 2017


Dr. Iffland is a Research Associate in the Department of Neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine conducting research in the lab of Dr. Peter B. Crino, MD, Ph.D. His research involves using in vivo and in vitro methods to functionally validate and define the physiological consequence of mutations associated with cortical malformations and epilepsy. Dr. Iffland is particularly interested in mutations in the amino acid regulatory arm of the mTOR pathway (e.g., DEPDC5 and NPRL3) and how they affect neuronal morphology, function, gene transcription and brain development.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Cortical malformations, epilepsy, GATORopathies, hemimegalencephaly, focal cortical dysplasia, PMSE

Highlighted Publications

Iffland PH 2nd, Crino PB. Focal Cortical Dysplasia: Gene mutations, Cell Signaling and Therapeutic Implications. Annual Reviews of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease. 2017; 12:547-71.

Iffland PH 2nd, Crino PB. Sending mixed signals: The expanding role of molecular cascade mutations in malformations of cortical development and epilepsy. Epilepsy Currents. 2016 May.

Janigro, D, Iffland, PH 2nd, Marchi, N, Granata T. A role for inflammation in status epilepticus is revealed by a review of current therapeutic approachesEpilepsia. 2013 Sep; 54 Suppl 6: 30-2.

Iffland, PH 2nd, Carvalho-Tavares J, Trigunaite, A, Man, S, Rasmussen, P, Alexopoulos, A, Ghosh, C, Jorgensen TN, Janigro, D. Intracellular and circulating neuronal antinuclear antibodies in human epilepsy. Neurobiol of Dis. 2013 November.

Awards and Affiliations

2015    Tier IV Caregiver Award, Cleveland Clinic

2014    Fellows Program, American Epilepsy Society

2014    Tier I Caregiver Appreciation Award, Cleveland Clinic

2014    Alumni, San Servolo Advanced International Course in Epilepsy, Venice Intl. University

  • Course Title: Bridging basic and clinical epileptology
  • Mentors: Peter Engel, MD, Ph.D and Matthew Walker, MD

2014    International Travel Award, Kent State University

2013    Domestic Travel Award, Kent State University

2013    Honorable Mention, National Center of Regenerative Medicine

2008    College of Arts and Sciences Deans Scholar, Miami University

2008    Doctoral/Undergraduate Opportunities for Scholarship Award, Miami University

2007    Undergraduate Summer Scholars Award, Miami University

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