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Arun Gopal, PhD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:

Radiation Oncology


Baltimore Washington Medical Center

Phone (Primary):




Education and Training


2005 – 2009        Ph.D. University of Florida, Nuclear & Radiological Engineering (CAMPEP accredited medical physics graduate program)

1999 – 2004        M.S. University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Biomedical Engineering

1995 – 1999        B.E. University of Mumbai, Biomedical Engineering



2015                    Truebeam Physics

2010 – 2012        University of Florida, Clinical radiation oncology medical physics residency

2009 – 2010        University of Florida, Postdoctoral research (Image guided radiotherapy)


Dr. Arun Gopal completed his undergraduate studies in Mumbai, India before pursuing graduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tennessee and Nuclear and Radiological Engineering at the University of Florida. His graduate research work in megavoltage imaging physics eventually led to a strong interest in clinical medical physics. After completing a physics residency at the University of Florida, he worked as a medical physicist in New York Presbterian Hospital and Columbia University before joining the University of Maryland. His research interests include imaging, image based quality assurance, and portal dosimetry. He also has strong clinical interests in deformable image registration and image guided adaptive radiotherapy.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Image guided radiation therapy, deformable image registration, portal dosimetry

Highlighted Publications

Samant SS#, Gopal A*, Sobczak D, A high quantum efficiency prototype video based portal imaging system, J X-ray Sc Tech 14, 161-175, 2006.

Samant SS#, Gopal A*, Study of a prototype high quantum efficiency thick scintillation crystal video-electronic portal imaging device, Med Phys 33, 2783-2791, 2006.

Samant SS#, Gopal A*, Analysis of the kinestatic charge detection system as a high detective quantum efficiency electronic portal imaging device, Med Phys 33, 3557-3567, 2006.

Samant SS#, Gopal A*, Wu J, Jain J, Xia J, DiBianca FA, Design of a prototype tri-electrode ion-chamber for megavoltage X-ray imaging, Nucl Instr And Meth A 573, 398-409, 2007.

Gopal A, Samant SS, Effect of recombination in a high quantum efficiency prototype ionization-chamber-based electronic portal imaging device, Med Phys 34, 3224-3232, 2007.

Gopal A, Samant SS, Validity of the line-pair bar-pattern method in the measurement of the modulation transfer function (MTF) in megavoltage imaging, Med Phys 35, 270-279, 2008.

Gopal A, Samant SS, Use of a line-pair resolution phantom for comprehensive quality assurance of electronic portal imaging devices based on fundamental imaging metrics, Med Phys 36, 2006-2015, 2009.

Mittauer K, Lu B, Yan G, Kahler D, Gopal A, Amdur R, Liu C, A study of IMRT planning parameters on planning efficiency, delivery efficiency, and plan quality, Med Phys 40, 061704, 2013.

Lee S, Yan G, Bassett P, Gopal A, Samant S, Use of local noise power spectrum and wavelet analysis in quantitative image quality assurance for EPIDs, Med Phys 43, 4996-5006, 2016.

Research Interests

Image guided radiation therapy, Imaging physics

Clinical Specialty Details

Portal dosimetry, image based quality assurance, deformable image registration