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Application Process


Letter of Intent Deadline: Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 11:59 p.m.
(Letter of Intent is strongly encouraged, not required)

Application Deadline: Monday March 25, 2024, 11:59 p.m.

Application Overview

  • See pre-application information below: "Letter of Intent" and "Proposal Draft Review" sections
  • See summary of the application process and the required items for the application to the program below in the "Application Packet" section and Components A through D.

If you have any questions, please submit your questions through the Ask PRISM form.

Pre-Application - Letter of Intent

Submit as early as possible the letter of intent (LOI) using the above form prior to submitting complete application packet. You can update your submitted information later. If you are thinking of applying to PRISM and have a mentor and a general research topic or area, complete the LOI.  If you are still deciding on a mentor, you can select that answer choice when initially filling out the form and update the mentor and project information later. 

If you are not able to submit the LOI by the LOI deadline, it will not affect your application. You can submit the LOI after the deadline, though we strongly encourage that you do submit it by then.

See form for more details on the information included in the LOI.

Proposal Draft Review

Strongly recommended.

Use this form to request for your proposal draft, outline, or a section of your proposal draft reviewed for feedback by an OSR faculty advisor.  Plan to submit your draft review request as early as possible to allow the faculty advisors the time to review and provide feedback and allow yourself and your research team the time to address the feedback and adjust the proposal as need.  Submit draft review request by February 16.

Requests submitted after February 16 might be considered but not guaranteed for review, depending on the availability of reviewers, volume of requests, and date of request.

Application Materials Submission

Application materials can be submitted using the following submission options.  They do not have to be submitted all at the same time.

  • Submission Forms (see each section below or the submission portal for more information):
  • Portal: The PRISM 2024 Application Portal can be used to organize, manage, and submit application materials. You can access the portal by logging into Office 365 (same as accessing your email through a browser) and selecting the Teams app or following the link you will receive by email. More information will be provided.

Application Packet

A complete application packet must be received by the application deadline.  A complete application packet must include all of the following required documents (items 1-6).
For all PDF forms, please download the form onto your computer prior to completing the form.

Quick List:

  1. Application Form
  2. Student Biosketch CV
  3. Research Plan
  4. Applicable IRB or IACUC Documents
  5. Mentor Declaration Form and Mentor Biosketch
  6. (Optional) - Recommendation Form from 1 Recommender

See details below on the packet components.

Component A: Student Documents

Application Form and Biosketch CV

(Items 1-3 are items that are easy to consider and can be completed months in advance by the applicant or obtained quickly.)

  1. Application Form
    • Application Form
  2. Student Biosketch CV
    • Biosketch CV, modify your existing biosketch CV (from FRCT pre-advising) to tailor to your PRISM application
    • In your research statement, include a few sentences to answer why you are interested in PRSIM and what do you hope to gain from the program
    • Use the Biosketch CV Template, see Biosketch Sample & Instructions
    • Submit through portal

Component B: Research Project

Research Plan and IRB and/or IACUC documents

(Items 3-4 are items that involve research considerations and may need more time to develop or obtain.)

  1. Research Plan
  2. Applicable IRB or IACUC Documents

Component C: Mentor Documents

Mentor Declaration Form and Mentor Biosketch

(Item 5 includes documents the research mentor and any co-mentor need to submit.)

  1. Mentor Declaration Form and Mentor Biosketch
    • A Mentor Declaration Form and a Mentor Biosketch must be submitted by each faculty mentor and co-mentor
    • Mentor Declaration Form
    • For Mentor Biosketch - NIH biosketch is preferred (no more than 4 pages).  See Mentor Biosketch Sample.  Can also use CV if mentor does not have an existing NIH biosketch.  Mentor biosketch or CV should be tailored to
    • Submitted by mentor through the Mentor Documents Submission Form.

Optional Component D: Recommendation

Optional recommendation

(Item 6 include items a recommender would submit.)

  1. Optional: Recommendation Form from One Recommender.
    • Recommendation Form
    • If choose to submit this optional component, request recommendation from recommender
      • Provide recommender with the link to the online Recommendation Form.
      • Recommender will complete and submit the form.
      • You will receive an automatic notification email after a recommender has submitted a recommendation for you. Please make sure your recommender has your correct email address.
    • Recommender should be a faculty member or advisor, or past research mentor or supervisor.  Choose a recommender who knows you well and could speak to your character, strengths, and abilities. 

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