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Our Mission

Clinicians, research methodologists, and trainees from diverse backgrounds coalesce through the Center. Together, with our patient partners and stakeholders, we strive to:

1. Expand the clinical research methods expertise of the orthopaedic fracture community. To accomplish this, COIRI provides various teaching and mentorship opportunities.

One of these avenues for teaching and mentorship is through the COIRI Orthopaedics Research Fellowship at the University of Maryland School of Medicine R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. Learn More >

In addition, we provide educational activities for the orthopaedic trauma research community, facilitating access to educational lectures and Grand Rounds. Through a partnership with AO Peer, we deliver local, national, and teacher courses.

2. Develop new research ideas capable of improving clinical outcomes.

Leveraging access to our large clinical trial data sets, COIRI users are able to generate exploratory research questions that can be developed into full clinical trial proposals. Guided by our network of clinicians, researchers, and patient partners, we ensure the clinical relevance, patient importance, and study feasibility of all COIRI projects.

3. Implement rigorous research methods for orthopaedic fracture surgery studies.

We strive to match COIRI users with the resources they need to execute high-quality research and provide the technical expertise and support required to advance the rigor of projects.