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Core Facilities

Administrative Core

Members of this Core organize educational training and mentorship, administer our pilot grant program, and manage the financial and regulatory requirements for Center activities. COIRI leadership actively recruits, mentors, and integrates clinician-researchers into COIRI.

Methodologic Core

The Methodologic Core provides context-specific expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, informatics, and patient engagement. Members of this Core teach and mentor principles of research, develop new ideas through research design consultations, and implement innovative study designs and state-of-the-art data analyses for research conducted by qualified COIRI users.

Large Trials Resource Core (LTRC)

The LTRC teaches and mentors best practices for clinical trial conduct and data collection, fosters new research questions by sharing exploratory datasets from previous landmark multicenter trials, and leverages their international clinical trial network to transform pilot studies into large definitive trials.