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Center for Orthopaedics, Injury, and Research Innovation

Where Evidence and Researchers Grow

More than five million Americans sustain an extremity fracture each year, one million of whom require surgical treatment. These common injuries often cause long-term functional impairment, decreased quality of life, and financial hardship.

Addressing the immense public health burden of orthopaedic injuries, the Center for Orthopaedics, Injury, and Research Innovation (COIRI) is dedicated to improving the infrastructure of the orthopaedic trauma clinical research community. The COIRI provides professional and patient-derived resources for developing future clinical projects and improving patient care.

Our ultimate goal is to support a research community committed to reducing perioperative complications, improving fracture healing, and accelerating functional recovery after extremity fracture surgery.

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Gerard Slobogean, MD, MPH

Nathan O'Hara

Nathan O’Hara, PhD, MHA