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The tutor position is a paid federal work-study position.

Second Year students are eligible to become tutors.  They may offer individual or group tutor sessions to first year students.  Sessions may include content and exam review, study strategy feedback, or general medical school student insight.  Second year student tutors benefit from content review sessions covering first year material, strengthening their own learning process.

Third year students may become or continue to work as student tutors.  These students provide support to their second-year peers in content areas and on Step 1 study strategies, insight, and experiences.  Sessions may be structured for individuals or groups.  Third year student tutors may find they have less time available to tutor as they move through their clerkships, however the flexible schedule allows them to work as scheduling allows. 

Fourth year students may become or continue to work as student tutors.  The students provide support to first, second-, and third-year students.  They provide individual and group study and review sessions based on course content areas, Step 1 preparation, shelf exam study, and general study strategies.  These students are an excellent resource and source of encouragement to their peers at all phases of medical education.