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Dr. Tracy Bale Elected President of the International Brain Research Organization

September 25, 2019

Tracy L. Bale, PhD

Tracy L. Bale, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Director of the Center for Epigentic Research in Child Health & Brain Development has been elected President of the International Brain Research Organization.

IBRO is the global federation of neuroscience organizations established in 1961 that aims to promote and support neuroscience around the world through training, teaching, research, outreach and engagement activities, and the publication of our two journals, Neuroscience and IBRO Reports. More than 90 international, regional and national scientific organizations constitute IBRO’s Governing Council which, together with the IBRO Executive Committee and five Regional Committees, address the needs and advance the work of individual scientists and research communities everywhere.

In addition, IBRO has partnerships with like-minded scientific societies and organizations to identify priorities and help bridge gaps in knowledge, investment and resources in the field of brain research.

The IBRO Mission is to:

  • develop, support, coordinate and promote scientific research in all fields concerning the brain
  • promote international collaboration and exchange of scientific information on brain research throughout the world
  • provide for and assist in education and dissemination of information relating to brain research

"IBRO’s mission to foster neuroscience research throughout the world is admirable. But it is also a challenging opportunity as the global landscape continues to shift. How IBRO positions itself to remain focused on action items and pushing its mission will determine the neuroscience community’s broad success," said Dr. Bale.

"The President of IBRO is the face of this force, and it is my passion to ensure that all available funding, training, education and resources that are critical toward this mission make it into the international communities in need, and that the developing neuroscience programs largely being driven forward by existing and new initiatives receive the mentorship and guidance to ensure their success," added Dr. Bale.



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