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Profile Fields

Faculty Profile Fields

Please review the following information about the faculty profile fields before editing.

Contact Information

Name, Degrees, Academic Appointments, Titles:
You cannot edit your Official Name, Degrees, or Academic Appointments (i.e. Professor). Please contact the Office of Academic Administration for a change or correction.

Additional Titles:
You may enter additional titles, separated by commas, such as division or program chief, center director, or UMMS/UMMC titles.

Contact information:
Fully editable.

Curriculum Vitae:
You may upload your CV as a Word document or PDF. A link to the CV will then display on your profile.

Required Fields

Education and Training:
Please enter your education and training as a bulleted list. This list may include undergraduate, graduate, and professional education with awarded to degrees, as well as residencies, research training and certifications.

Biosketch (formerly Personal History):
Please enter a 300 to 500-word biosketch in paragraph form.

Research and/or Clinical Keywords:
Please enter keywords or phrases, separated by commas, that describe your research or clinical interests. When possible, please include layman’s terms to describe the diseases or health conditions that your research will ultimately address. 

Highlighted Publications (If applicable):
Please add THREE to FIVE Publication citations that you wish to highlight. This may be your latest publications, or the ones you consider most important or relevant.

Additional Fields:

Additional Publication Citations:
Here you may add all of your publication citations, or any number of selected citations.

Research Interests Details:
Use this field to elaborate on your research interests.

Clinical Specialty Details:
Use this field to elaborate on your clinical interests.

Other Available Fields:

  • Awards and Affiliations
  • Grants and Contracts
  • In the News (links to print, broadcast or internet news stories about your work)
  • Community Service
  • Professional Activity (workshops, conferences, speaking
  • Lab Techniques and Equipment
  • Links of Interest
  • Optional Fields (there are two optional fields to provide for your own headings)

If you would like to add images or video to you profile, please contact Andy Goldberg in the Office of Public Affairs, after you have updated your profile.