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Fee Schedule

Updated: 2/16/2023

Start-up fee $1575 $420
Staff rate- On-site $89/hr $63/hr
Staff rate- Off-site $133.50/hr $94.50/hr
Space $42/hr $21/hr
Meals (UMMC dietary) $8/meal $5/meal
Supplies Variable Rate,
(10-30% of space)*
Variable Rate,
(10-30% of space)*

Additional Fees may apply for specialized services i.e., offsite visits, Dexa scans, special dietary requests, etc.

The Start-up fee includes all activities required to activate a protocol, including but not limited to protocol review (including GAC), budget estimates, attendance at planning and training meetings, GCRC staff training. Start-up fees will be invoiced after funding is secured.

An administrations fee (.5hr. staff time) is applied to every study visit, regardless of staff/space needs, to cover the scheduling process and required documentation in EPIC.

*Studies vary considerably on the amount of standard consumable office, medical, and laboratory supplies used. The needs of each protocol will be assessed into low, moderate and high consumption rates based on number/duration of study visits, number/invasiveness of the procedures, and the types of supplies provided by the GCRC. Supplies will be estimated as a percentage of the space fee because typically longer visits require more supplies.

Please contact to request a budget estimate.