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GCRC Facilities

The GCRC is located in the University of Maryland Medical Center, South Hospital, occupying the C &D wings on the tenth floor. 

Our Outpatient facility on 10 South, D Wing includes:

  • Three outpatient exam rooms 
  • Large outpatient treatment area 
  • Five comfortable recliners with privacy curtains
  • Five phlebotomy chairs
  • A nursing station with computer workstation

Other outpatient area assets include:

  • Specimen Processing Laboratory
  • Countertop Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Refrigerator and -70 Freezer
  • Conference Room
  • Reception and Waiting Areas

Our flexible Inpatient/Outpatient facility on 10 South, C Wing includes:

  • Six patient rooms
  • Interview/Phlebotomy/Vaccination/Infusion rooms
  • Procedure room
  • 24 hour nursing care
  • Kitchen/Activities Lounge
  • Nursing station with computer workstation
  • Specimen Processing Lab
  • Countertop Refrigerated Centrifuge