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Amish Research Clinic Annual Newsletter cover

2023 Annual Newsletter

2023 Annual Newsletter

The ARC had a busy 2023 continuing activities that fit our core mission: improving healthcare through research and serving as a resource for health information and knowledge to the Amish community. The 2023 Annual Newsletter begins with a welcome letter from Drs. Shuldiner and Mitchel recapping the year, followed by brief updates on our current studies.

Studies In this Issue:

  • Zinc Supplementation in Prediabetes
  • Genetic Diversity in Plain Populations
  • Brain Body Connection Study (Part 2)
  • Osteoporosis
  • PORT (testing a new medication to treat Type 2 diabetes)
  • Amish Aging
  • Hearing Loss
  • SETD1A
  • Umbrella
  • Return of Genetic Results
  • Cascade Screening (DISC)

2023 Annual Newsletter