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About Us

The Amish Research Program is a partnership between the Amish Research Clinic, the University of Maryland Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition and the Amish Community.

Since we began our research more than 20 years ago, we have enrolled over 7,000 Amish volunteers in our studies. Most of these volunteers have participated in more than one study. Some of our studies are conducted at the clinic in Lancaster, and free transportation to and from the clinic is provided for study participants. Other studies are conducted right in the participant's home.

Our studies have revolved around diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities, breast density, celiac disease, longevity, obesity, heart disease and wellness. None of this work would be possible without our compassionate Amish volunteers and the Amish Community, who have provided their partnership and support. Together, our research has resulted in new discoveries and it has helped us better understand the causes of a number of diseases.

The research projects that we pick are chosen in consultation with the Amish Community and are of mutual interest.  Thousands of Amish volunteers have benefited from participating. These studies provide a number of health screenings free of charge to the study participants. Our Wellness Study, for example, has provided over 3,000 participants with screenings for heart disease, anemia, thyroid problems, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes. abdominal aneurisms and osteoporosis. These studies also give participants the opportunity to contribute to new knowledge, which may help millions of people with the diseases that we study.