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MD-SOR GPRA Evaluation

Welcome to the Maryland State Opioid Response (MD-SOR) Government Performance and Result Act (GPRA) Evaluation Resource page!

The MD-SOR GPRA evaluation involves conducting interviews with individuals receiving MD-SOR-funded treatment or recovery services to learn about the impact of these services at an individual level.  

GPRA interviews are required by the funding source for MD-SOR, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and must be conducted at three different time points:

  • intake to services (Baseline Interview)
  • discharge from services (Discharge Interview)
  • 6-months following intake to services (6-Month Follow-Up Interview)

As of April 1, 2022, all GPRA Baseline, Discharge, and 6-Month Follow-Up Interviews must be completed by program staff. The program staff will need to conduct the Baseline Interviews in person with the clients. For Discharge and 6-Month Follow-Up Interviews, program staff can complete interviews in person, via phone, or via telehealth technology. Clients will receive $30 gift cards for completing each of the 6-month follow-up and discharge interviews.

The following MD-SOR-funded initiatives must collect GPRA data:

  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Detention Centers
  • Young Adult Recovery Houses
  • Adult Recovery Houses
  • Healthy Beginnings
  • Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)
  • Hub & Spoke

REDCap Links

Printable Resources

CSAT GPRA Interview Instrument

The full GPRA instrument to be used by providers to conduct the Baseline interview. 

CSAT GPRA Question-By-Question Interview Guide

A detailed guide for interviewers. This should be read in its entirety by all staff who plan to conduct GPRA interviews.

SOR CSAT GPRA Interview, Discharge

The full CSAT GPRA Discharge Interview pages. For administrative discharges, please only use Sections J and K (pages 37-39).

SOR CSAT GPRA Interview, Follow-Up

The full CSAT GPRA 6-Month Follow-Up Interview pages. For administrative follow-ups, please only use Section I (page 37).

SOR Participation Agreement, Updated

To be used by providers for all clients who are receiving SOR funded treatment or recovery services. This must be signed by all clients who wish to participate in the evaluation unless their Baseline interview is occurring over the phone. If the client declines, the provider should indicate so on the paper with their own signature and the date.

Provider Script

A tool for providers to promote the GPRA evaluation when approaching clients about participation.

Client Locator Form

A tool that can be used by providers to collect client contact information for Discharge and 6-Month Follow-Up reach outs.

Client Brochure

A take-home tool for clients to inform them about the evaluation’s expectations. Please print as a booklet and distribute to clients receiving SOR-funded services.


Outlines the steps to take at different time points.

MD-SOR GPRA Evaluation Instructions by Timepoint

The following directions will assist providers in collecting the GPRA interviews at each time point (baseline, 6-month follow-up, and discharge)


  1. Approach all clients about the evaluation who are enrolled in SOR-funded treatment or recovery services. Participation in the evaluation is not required, but providers must inform all service recipients of the opportunity to participate.
  2. Use the Provider Script to explain and promote the evaluation and provide the Client Brochure to clients who are interested.
  3. Fill out the Participation Agreement for each client. Mark the appropriate line regarding participation interest.
    • Clients who wish to participate must sign, date, and print their name on the agreement.
    • Clients who do not wish to participate do not need to sign, but the provider must indicate this on the participation agreement with their signature and date.
  4. Complete the baseline Interview using the GPRA CSAT Interview Instrument. Providers must complete the form through asking the client questions and documenting their answers on the instrument. The interview must be completed within:
    • 3 days for all residential programs (Adult Recovery Houses, TAY Recovery Houses)
    • 4 days for all non-residential programs (MAT in Detention Centers, A-CRA, Healthy Beginnings, ICC)
  5. Use the REDCap Baseline Full GPRA link to complete the survey for all clients receiving SOR-funded treatment or recovery services, regardless of their participation status in the evaluation.
    • For clients not participating: select ‘No’ for the question, “Does the client agree to participate in the SOR GPRA Evaluation?” and fill out the remaining survey items.
    • For clients participating: select ‘Yes’ for the question, “Does the client agree to participate in the SOR GPRA Evaluation?” Providers will then have the option to either upload a paper copy of the Baseline Interview or complete the items through the survey.


  1. A client is "discharged" when they have left/completed their SOR-funded program.
  2. Complete the Discharge Interview as soon as possible. If unable to complete the Discharge Interview in person, reach out via phone or email to complete the Discharge Interview. 
    • You only have 2 weeks from the Discharge Date to complete the Discharge Interview.
  3. Use the Discharge REDCap link to upload a paper copy or manually enter the completed Discharge Interview.
  4. If the Discharge Interview is unable to be completed within the 2-week window, upload an Administrative Discharge using the Discharge REDCap link. 
    • Administrative Discharge only includes Sections J and K of the CSAT GPRA Instrument (pages 37-39).

6-Month Follow-Up

  1. Keep track of all SOR-enrolled clients’ 6-Month Follow-Up windows. 
    • Follow-Up windows begin 5 months from the Baseline Interview Date and end 8 months from the Baseline Interview Date.
  2. If a client is still receiving services from your program when their Follow-Up window opens, complete the 6-Month Follow-Up Interview in-person. 
  3. If a client is no longer receiving services from your program when their Follow-Up window opens, begin reaching out via phone, email, or other contact methods as soon as their window opens. When the client is reached, schedule and complete the 6-Month Follow-Up Interview with the client.
  4. Use the 6-Month Follow-Up REDCap link to upload a paper copy or manually enter the completed 6-Month Follow-Up Interview.
  5. If the 6-Month Follow-Up Interview is unable to be completed within the 3-month long Follow-Up window, upload an Administrative Follow-Up using the 6-Month Follow-Up REDCap link. 
    • Administrative Follow-Ups only include Section I of the CSAT GPRA Instrument (page 37).

    Data Transfer using REDCap

    UM SOM has developed a secure data transfer system using REDCap, a HIPAA-compliant online platform that allows providers to enter information and upload documents for the evaluation team.  For most interviews and forms, providers have the option of either filling out a paper copy of the form, scanning it, and then uploading it via the REDCap portal OR completing the form online.  It is recommended that providers have a paper copy of forms to prevent data loss should they experience computer problems. 


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