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iKinnect Mobile Phone App

iKinnect Mobile Phone App for Youth with Conduct Problems

Project Description

Researchers are just beginning to explore how technology can supplement and expand the reach of treatment to enhance clinical outcomes for clients. iKinnect is a shared mobile app for teens with conduct problems and their parents.

Its features are based on those factors within evidence-based treatments for youth with conduct problems that have been identified as the reasons for (or mechanisms of) their success – specifically, clear parental expectations for youth behavior; improved parental monitoring of compliance with expectations; increased parental consistency in responding to youth behavior; and enhanced parent-teen positive communication.

In this 2-year study, the effectiveness of iKinnect relative to a teen location-monitoring only app (Life 360) will be evaluated in a sample of teens (age 13-18) who are receiving treatment for a serious conduct problem and their parent. The acceptability of the app to teens and parents, as well app usage patterns, will also be assessed.

Funding Source

National Institutes of Mental Health
R44 MH097349-02A1

Using Mobile Technology to Enhance MST Outcomes

Project Staff

Cindy Schaeffer, PhD
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Linda Dimeff, PhD
Evidence-Based Practice Institute (MPIs)

For More Information

To learn more about iKinnect and the study, contact:

Dr. Cindy Schaeffer

or visit