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Telepsychiatry Services in Youth Centers

Evaluation of Telepsychiatry Services in Maryland Department of Juvenile Service Youth Centers

Project Description

Incarcerated youth experience high rates of untreated mental health problems. There are many barriers to providing high-quality child psychiatry services to this population, including a nationwide shortage of qualified child psychiatrists and a tendency for juvenile detention centers to be located in rural, geographically dispersed locations.

The present study evaluates the efficacy of meeting the psychiatric needs of incarcerated juveniles placed throughout the state of Maryland by use of a centralized, university-based telepsychiatry service. Indicators of psychiatric service quality (e.g., provider satisfaction surveys, length of time between sessions) and treatment outcome variables (e.g., reductions in behavioral incidents within facilities) will be examined.

Project Partner/Funding Source

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (MDJS)

Project Staff

David Pruitt, MD

David Pruitt, MD
Principal Investigator

Cindy Shaeffer, PhD

Cindy Shaeffer, PhD
Principal Investigator

Female silhouette portrait

Kris Scardamalia, PhD
Project Coordinator

For More Information

Dr. Cindy Schaeffer