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The faculty of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are committed to providing outstanding state-of-the art graduate training in biochemistry and molecular cell biology and also in providing a mentoring and career-building environment. As part of our effort to achieve this objective, we offer four major courses that are designed to convey basic and advanced didactic information relevant to modern biological technology and theory. 

  • GPLS 701 Advanced Molecular Biology (Fall Semester)
  • GPLS 714/725 Muscle Biology I and II (Spring Semester)
  • GPLS 709 Advanced Biochemistry (Spring Semester)
  • GPLS 755 Reading in Molecular Signaling and Structure (Fall Semester)

For Medical Students

Faculty members of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are committed to providing medical students with the training in the molecular and cellular sciences that contributes to their development as productive and capable physicians. Biochemistry, cell biology and genetics play an ever expanding role in clinical medicine and information in these disciplines is conveyed to students during our Cell and Molecular Biology course.

The School of Medicine's Cell and Molecular Biology course runs nine weeks in the first year of medical school. This course includes plenary lectures, small groups session, tutorials, clincial correlations, specified readings, and problem solving. In specific cases, patients are invited to the lectures so that students can speak directly to the patient.

Both plenary lectures and small-group sessions are designed to reinforce the basic concepts, and learning is complimented by specific reading assignments and student presentations.