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Jack Gladstein, MD

Academic Title:


Primary Appointment:


Secondary Appointment(s):


Administrative Title:

Interim Division Head, Pediatric Neurology; Interim Division Head, Ambulatory Medicine

Additional Title:

Professor of Pediatrics Director, Inpatient Pediatrics Director, Pediatric Headache Clinic


UMMC, 22 S. Greene Street, N5W69

Phone (Primary):

(410) 328-4073


(410) 328-0110

Education and Training

1974˗1978                   B.A. in Pre-Medical Studies (magna cum laude)

                                    Yeshiva University College

                                    New York, New York


1979˗1983                   M.D.

                                    Albert Einstein College of Medicine

                                    Bronx, New York


Post Graduate Education and Training:


1983˗1984                   Pediatric Intern

                                    Affiliated Hospitals of Albert Einstein College of Medicine

                                    Bronx, New York


1984˗1986                   Pediatric Resident

                                    Affiliated Hospitals of Albert Einstein College of Medicine

                                    Bronx, New York


1986˗1987                   Chief Resident

                                    Affiliated Hospitals of Albert Einstein College of Medicine

                                    Bronx, New York       


1987˗1989                   Fellow, Division of Adolescent Medicine

                                    University of Maryland School of Medicine


2005                            Intermountain Health Care

                                    Advanced Training Program in Patient Safety


I am Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and director of the Pediatric Headache Clinic at the University of Maryland Hospital. I graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1983, completed my peds residency and chief residency at Einstein, then moved to Baltimore to complete a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine. I joined the faculty at Maryland in 1989, and have assumed various roles, including Associate Dean for Student Affairs, director of inpatient pediatrics, Interim division director of Neurology, and General Pediatrics. I started the Pediatric Headache clinic at Maryland in 1989. My area of research is in the clinical care of children and adoolescents with headache.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Pediatric Headache Chronic Daily Headache Migraine

Highlighted Publications

Jacobs H, Singhi S, Gladstein J. Medical Co morbidities in Pediatric Headache. Seminars in Pediatric Neurology. Feb 2016 23(1) 60-7

Singhi S, Jacobs H, Gladstein J. Pediatric Headache: Where have we been, and where do we want to be? Headache 2014 54(5): 817-29

Jacobs H, Gladstein, J. Pediatric Headache: A clinical review. Headache 2012 52(2): 333-339

Research Interests

The field of pediatric headache is relatively new. We started the second pediatric headache clinic in the country in 1989. We spent the first ten years helping to describe headache characteristics in children and how they are different than in adults. In 1996, the field changes with the introduction of Triptan drugs. We worked on clinical trials design and implementation to prove the efficacy of this drug class in children. Concomitantly we found differences between adults and children related to Chronic Daily Headache, a condition similar to the end stages of other diseases, where co-morbidities must be addressed to help the sufferer heal. New research in this field will focus on the use of monoclonal antibodies and their use in preventing migraine.

Clinical Specialty Details

In our pediatric headache practice we focus on diagnosis and treatment modalities for a range of conditions including migraine, tension headache and chronic daily headache. We use a comprehnsive approach that includes lifestyle modification, medication and integrative medicine.

Awards and Affiliations

1983                            “Friedman Brothers Fellowship in Medical Ethics.”  Jerusalem, Israel


1987                            “Joseph Gottesman Award for excellence in Teaching Medical Students.” 

                                    Albert Einstein College of Medicine


1988                            “Department of Pediatrics Teaching Award.”  Sinai Hospital of Baltimore


1990                            “Department of Pediatrics Teaching Award.”  Sinai Hospital of Baltimore


1991                            “Department of Pediatrics Chief Resident’s Award for being the Chief  residents’ Chief resident.”  University of Maryland Department of                                                     Pediatrics


1992                            Faculty Teaching Ward: University of Maryland School of Medicine


1992                            Keynote graduation speaker: University of Maryland, Department of Pediatrics


1993                            Marshall at Graduation: University of Maryland School of Medicine


 1993                           Department of Pediatrics Teaching Award.   Sinai Hospital of Baltimore


  1996                            Inducted Alpha Omega Alpha


  1998                            Faculty Teaching Award: University of Maryland School of Medicine


2004˗2005                   Teaching Commendation: Pathophysiology and Therapeutics


2005˗2006                   Teaching Commendation: Pathophysiology and Therapeutics 


2005˗2006                   Alexander J. Schaeffer Teaching Award, Department of Pediatrics


2010˗2014                   Baltimore Top Docs


2011˗2014                   Maryland Washington Virginia Top Docs


2015-2016                   Baltimore Top Docs


2016                            Pediatrics Graduation Speaker

Professional Activity


1987˗Present                Journal of Adolescent Health


1989˗1995                   Contemporary Pediatrics


1989˗1995                   Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine


1989˗Present                Headache


1989˗1995                   Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics


1989˗Present                Neurology


1989˗Present                Cephalalgia


2004˗Present                Current Reviews in Neurotherapeutics

Links of Interest   American Headache Society