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  • Blood vessels in the brain labeled with colorful dyes

    Hippocampal neuron overexpressing a cell adhesion molecule by Poorna Dharmasri in the lab of Tom Blanpied.

Neurotrauma & Brain Injury

Whether the neurotrauma is a tumor or a head injury in a car accident, the resulting effects can be devastating and difficult to treat. The UM-MIND pillar on Neurotrauma and Brain Injury encompasses research on the brain cancers neuroblastoma and glioblastoma, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, and stroke. Both the early phases of injury and the long-term sequelae of damage are critical to understand for promoting the development of novel therapeutics and rehabilitation protocols. Advances in brain imaging, neural network analyses, genetics, brain-computer interface technologies, high-frequency ultrasound, physical therapy, and more are opening exciting opportunities to study and apply new information about difficult-to-treat neurological conditions. UM-MIND seeks to merge the latest advances and interdisciplinary neuroscience teams to accelerate the discovery of novel therapies and offer new hope for patients.