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Faculty Resources

For Program Directors/Faculty Members Considering Submission

If you are considering submission of a training grant application, please contact Renee Cockerham ( to set up an initial consultation meeting at least 6 months prior to the submission deadline. This meeting will be a discussion of the goals of the training grant, as well as a discussion of the support that the SOM can provide for the application.

We can assist you in 5 areas:

  1. We can run a preliminary funding profile for potential faculty members to assist in decisions on whom to include on the finalized faculty roster.
  2. Once a faculty roster has been defined, we will assist in the preparation of the tables and other componentsGetting this information can be challenging and working together with a knowledgeable team can make the process relatively painless.  For more information on NIH Grants Data Tables, please visit the NIH’s website on data tables.
  3. We have a substantial amount of text which is available for use in the construction of additional documentation of university activities on a Training Grant SharePoint site to which you can request access. 
  4. We will work with other faculty members who are knowledgeable in this area to form an advisory committee for you if you are interested in this service.
  5. If you are having trouble finding trainees to fill your funded slots, we can help advertise your training grants slots and/or we can generate lists of training grant eligible trainees as well as the labs they are working in.

Timeline and Process for Submitting a T32 Training Grant

6 months before submission:

  • Identify an area of research training. This should be a topic that can be approached from different aspects so that it spans the research of 10-30 faculty members, but it must also have some structure and specificity. It should not overlap too closely with other training grants we already have at the SOM (Training Grants at UMSOM). 
  • Determine the appropriate NIH Institute or Center and check submission deadlines.
  • Identify who will help run the training grant and who can help write the grant.
  • Decide on your trainee population: predoctoral students only, postdoctoral trainees only, or both predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees.
  • Meet with Renee Cockerham ( to outline the trainee population, discuss what information you would like included in the application tables, and review available training grant resources.

4 months before submission:

  • Finalize a list of faculty members associated with your training grant. You should include some well-funded faculty members, some with a good deal of mentoring experience, and a distribution of faculty members across academic rank and diversity. The Office of Research Affairs can generate a preliminary funding report of potential faculty members. Contact Joni Prasad for this (
  • Start collecting updated BioSketches and a short description of each faculty member, including rank, duration at UMB, research area, and duration and total number of mentored trainees.
  • Meet with department administrators about the budget and grant submission process.

2-4 months before submission:

  • Focus on writing the training plan and all additional required material. The training grant website contains many of these.
  • Select internal and external advisory board members. From them, you will need an updated BioSketch and a letter stating that they are willing to serve on the advisory board and describing their expertise.

2 months before submission:

  • The Office of Research Affairs, Office of Postdoctoral Scholars, and GPILS will work with you to finalize Tables 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 of the application.
  • The Office of Research Affairs will finalize Table 4.
  • The Office of Research Affairs will help with the Letter of Support from the Dean.

1 month before submission:

  • The Office of Research Affairs will finalize Table 4.
  • The Office of Research Affairs will help with the Letter of Support from the Dean.

7 days before NIH deadline:

  • Personnel and Budget items must be routed to the Office of Research Affairs for review.
  • All application materials must be finalized and routed to SPA for review and submission.

5 days before NIH deadline:

  • All application materials must be finalized and routed to SPA for review and submission.


UMSOM Resources for Training Grant Applications

This section is for internal use only. Once you click here, you can request access to the Sharepoint site, which has resources to include in a training plan and sample training grants.

Training Grant SharePoint Website

UMSOM faculty and staff have access to the Training Grant SharePoint Website.

Please email Renee Cockerham if you have issues accessing this site.