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About Us

The Program in Transplantation is the newest Integrated Clinical Program developed at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. This program is comprised of clinicians and researchers from UMSOM’s Department of Surgery and Department of Medicine and involves an extensive integrated multidisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, and supporting UMMC staff from the following divisions: Cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Hepatology, Infectious Disease, Transplant Surgery, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, Social Work, and Dietetics.

Research is an important component to our Program in Transplantation and innovative research initiatives in improved therapies such as xenotransplantation, cellular transplantation and other therapies that aid transplant tolerance will be integrated into the teaching and training of medical students, residents, fellows as well as integrated into the clinical care of patients with end-stage organ failure.

Our Program performs over 500 transplant procedures a year to include heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, liver, and living donor transplants. We are one of the largest and most successful multi-organ transplant centers in the country and we are proud of our many firsts which include:

  • First in Maryland to perform a single-lung transplant, a combined heart and liver transplant, and a total artificial heart-to-heart transplant
  • First in Maryland and only the third in the United States to perform a single-port, natural orifice kidney removal surgery through the umbilicus (navel) for a living kidney donor
  • First in U.S. to have performed 1,000 minimally invasive kidney removals from living kidney donors
  • Maintain the largest and most successful adult living-donor liver transplant program in Maryland and the second in the nation
  • Ranked by CareChex as #1 in patient safety in the liver transplant program (second consecutive year) and #2 for patient safety in the kidney transplant program
  • Performed the most comprehensive face transplant to date, based on ten years of research
  • First in the U.S. to transplant lungs treated with an experimental repair process before transplantation
  • Pioneered the first living organ delivery by airborne droneMSOM and the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC)