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Matthew C. Terzi, VMD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:


Phone (Primary):


Education and Training

  • Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science: Biology, Towson University
  • Bachelor of Science: Animal Behavior, Towson University


Dr. Terzi received two bachelor's degrees from Towson University in biology and animal behavior. He has worked in many capacities in the laboratory animal industry, spending time with Harlan (now Envigo) as a maintenance technician and animal caretaker, and the FDA as a laboratory animal technician.

He spent 5 years in a movement disorders lab at both Johns Hopkins University and Emory University, using mouse models to elucidate mechanisms of sex-dependent dystonia. Following his time at Emory, he attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine where he received his doctorate, focusing his clinical rotations on laboratory animal medicine.

Dr. Terzi is broadly interested in neurology and animal behavior, as well as laboratory animal medicine and refining laboratory animal procedures.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Laboratory Animal Medicine, Dystonia, Ataxia, Rocker, Tottering, Behavioral Observation, Gonadal Hormone Manipulation, Anesthesia, CRI, Continuous Rate Infusion, Bolus Dosing, Mouse Models

Highlighted Publications

  • Higginson EE, Panda A, Toapanta FR, Terzi MC, Jones JA, Sen S, Permala-Booth J, Pasetti MF, Sztein MB, DeTolla L, Levine MM, Tennant SM. Immunogenicity and Efficacy of Live-Attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium Vaccine Candidate CVD 1926 in a Rhesus Macaque Model of Gastroenteritis. Infection and Immunity. 2021 Sep 16;89(10):e0008721. doi: 10.1128/IAI.00087-21. Epub 2021 Jul 26.
  • DeTolla L, Johnson DK, Reynolds SD, Sanchez R, Weichbrod RH, Terzi MC. The Evaluation of the Containment Efficacy of Semi-Rigid Isolators for Housing Cages of Laboratory Animals Infected With BSL-3 Agents. ILAR Journal. 2021 Jun 23:ilab021. doi: 10.1093/ilar/ilab021.
  • Sanchez R, Johnson D, Terzi MC, Izuka M, Allen ED, O'Donnoghue M, Mendonca A, Yachera K, DeTolla L. Sanitized corncob bedding: destruction of murine parvovirus. (2017) Lab Animal. Mar 22;46(4):95-96.
  • Erickson RL, Terzi MC, Jaber SM, Hankenson FC, McKinstry-Wu A, Kelz MB, Marx JO. Intraperitoneal Continuous-Rate Infusion for the Maintenance of Anesthesia in Laboratory Mice (Mus musculus). (2016). Journal of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science. 55(5), 548-57.
  • Raike RS, Weisz C, Hoebeek FE, Terzi MC, De Zeeuw CI, van den Maagdenberg AM, Jinnah HA, Hess EJ. Stress, caffeine and ethanol trigger transient neurological dysfunction through shared mechanisms in a mouse calcium channelopathy. (2013) Neurobiology of Disease. 50, 151-9.