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Benoit Stryckman, MA

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:

Emergency Medicine


110 South Paca Street, 6th floor, Suite 200

Education and Training

  • Carleton University, MA, Economics
  • Carleton University, BA (Hons), Economics


Benoit Stryckman, MA has 25+ years empirical evaluation experience with payers and providers in private and public sectors.  He is an innovative thinker with strong understanding of health care policy and market dynamics. Mr. Stryckman has been Involved in all phases of research process from conceptualization, study design, program implementation, data monitoring and statistical analysis, to reporting, presentation, and publication.  He has extensive experience using large, complex databases to answer policy, business and clinical questions.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Health economics and outcomes research; policy analysis and program evaluation; hospital and managed care performance.

Highlighted Publications

Jasani, G., Liang, Y., McNeilly, B., Stryckman, B., Marcozzi, D., & Gingold, D. (2023). Association Between Primary Care Availability and Emergency Medical Services Utilization. The Journal of Emergency Medicine64(4), 448-454.

Fischer, K. R., Traynor, T., Stryckman, B., Richardson, J., Buchanan, L., & Dezman, Z. D. (2023). Illicit Fentanyl Exposure Among Victims of Violence Treated at a Trauma Center. Journal of Surgical Research283, 937-944.

Naimi, S., Stryckman, B., Liang, Y., Seidl, K., Harris, E., Landi, C. Thomas, J., Marcozzi, D. and Gingold, D. B. (2023). Evaluating Social Determinants of Health in a Mobile Integrated Healthcare-Community Paramedicine Program. Journal of Community Health48(1), 79-88.

Stryckman, B., Anna Schoenbaum, D. N. P., Klein, J., Chasm, R., Onukwugha, E., & Dezman, Z. D. (2022). The impact of automatic physician review of prescription drug monitoring program data on opioid prescribing in a Maryland statewide hospital system. Journal of Opioid Management18(6), 547-556.

Sokan, O., Stryckman, B., Liang, Y., Osotimehin, S., Gingold, D. B., Blakeslee, W. W., ... & Rodriguez, M. (2022). Impact of a mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine program on improving medication adherence in patients with heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease after hospital discharge: A pilot study. Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy, 100201.

Additional Publication Citations

Fitzpatrick, S., Somers, S., Stryckman, B., & Gingold, D. B. (2022). Improving Hospice and Palliative Care Through Nurse Practitioner Engagement in a Community Paramedicine Program. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners

Gingold, D. B., Stryckman, B., Liang, Y., Harris, E., McCarren, W. L., & Marcozzi, D. (2022). Analysis of an Alternative Model of Definitive Care For Low-Acuity Emergency Calls: A Natural Experiment. The Journal of Emergency Medicine62(1), 38-50.

Gingold, D. B., Liang, Y., Stryckman, B., & Marcozzi, D. (2021). The effect of a mobile integrated health program on health care cost and utilization. Health services research56(6), 1146-1155.

Dezman, Z. D., Stryckman, B., Zachrison K. S., Conrad R. M., Marcozzi, D., Pimentel, L., Samuels-Kalow, M., Cairns, C. B. (2021). COVID-19 is Associated with Decreased Emergency Department Visits for Non-COVID Viral Illnesses and Respiratory Conditions in Maryland. American Journal of Medicine.

Stryckman, B., Kuhn, D., Gingold, D.B., Fisher, K.R., Gatz, D.G., Schenkel, S.M., & Browne, B.J. (2021). Balancing Efficiency and Access: Hospital Global Budget Systems Require Reform to Discourage Emergency Department Boarding. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Seidl, K. L., Gingold, D. B., Stryckman, B., Landi, C., Sokan, O., Fletcher, M., & Marcozzi, D. (2020). Development of a Logic Model to Guide Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Integrated Health Transitional Care Program. Population Health Management.

Lemkin, D. L., Stryckman, B., Klein, J. E., Custer, J. W., Bame, W., Maranda, L., ... & Dezman, Z. D. (2019). Integrating a safety smart list into the electronic health record decreases intensive care unit length of stay and cost. Journal of Critical Care.

Georgiev, R., Stryckman, B., & Velez, R. (2019). The Integral Role of Nurse Practitioners in Community Paramedicine. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners15(10), 725-731.

Harris, E., Fletcher M., Matz J., Landi C., Hagley A., Thomas J., Stryckman B., Dinglas R., and Marcozzi D. (2019). Baltimore Helping Baltimore. EMS World. 48(2), 22-27.

Stryckman, B., Walsh, L., Carr, B. G., Hupert, N., & Lurie, N. (2017). Impact of Superstorm Sandy on Medicare Patients’ Utilization of Hospitals and Emergency Departments. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine18(6), 1035.

Priest, C., & Stryckman, B. (2015). Identifying Indirect Benefits of Federal Health Care Emergency Preparedness Grant Funding to Coalitions: A Content Analysis. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness9(6), 704-711.

Marcozzi, D., & Stryckman B. (2015). Health, economics, and preparedness: considerations and paths forward. Health Affairs blog.

Stryckman, B., Grace, T. L., Schwarz, P., & Marcozzi, D. (2015). An economic analysis and approach for health care preparedness in a substate region. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness9(4), 344-348.

Philipson, T. J., Snider, J. T., Lakdawalla, D. N., Stryckman, B., & Goldman, D. P. (2013). Impact of oral nutritional supplementation on hospital outcomes. The American journal of managed care19(2), 121-128.

Stryckman, B. (1996). Comparative analysis of cost, resource use and financing of district health services in sub-saharan Africa and Asia. Bamako Initiative Management Unit, UNICEF.