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Barney J. Stern, MD

Academic Title:

Adjunct Professor

Primary Appointment:


Phone (Primary):

(410) 328-3372


(410) 328-5899

Education and Training

The CityCollege of the CityUniversity of New York. B.S. Degree, Magna Cum Laude, with Honors in Chemistry

The University of RochesterSchool of Medicine and Dentistry, M.D. Degree 

Medical Intern, BostonCityHospital, Boston, Massachusetts

Junior Assistant Medical Resident, BostonCity Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

Neurology Resident, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, New York (Assistant-Associate-Chief Resident)




Dr. Stern is certified in Internal Medicine, Neurology, and Vascular Neurology. He is Professor of Neurology, Emergency Medicine, and Psychiatry and is Vice-Chair of the Department of Neurology at the University of Maryland. He is the Stewart J. Greenebaum Endowed Professor in Stroke Neurology, Co-Director of the Stroke Division in the Department of Neurology, and Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Dr. Stern’s research interests are in stroke and the neurological complications of sarcoidosis. He has participated in many stroke research studies in a variety of capacities including site principal investigator, medical safety monitor, and Data and Safety Monitoring Board member. 

Dr. Stern has published extensively on stroke and neurosarcoidosis, and he is considered a senior authority on neurosarcoidosis. 




Research/Clinical Keywords

Stroke, stroke in the young, intracranial atherosclerosis Sarcoidosis, Neurosarcoidosis

Highlighted Publications

  •         Simard JM, Sheth KN, Kimberly WT, Stern BJ, del Zoppo GJ, Jacobson S, Gerzanich V. Glibenclamide in cerebral ischemia and stroke. Neurocrit Care 2014;20:319-333.
  •         Chimowitz MI, Lynn MJ, Howlett-Smith H, Stern BJ, Hertzberg VS, Frankel MR, Levine SR, Chaturvedi S, Kasner SE, Benesch CG, Sila CA, Jovin TG, and Romano JG for the Warfarin-Aspirin Symptomatic Intracranial Disease Trial Investigators. Comparison of warfarin and aspirin for symptomatic intracranial arterial stenosis. N Engl J Med 2005;352:1305-1316.
  •         Kittner SJ, Stern BJ, Feeser BR, Hebel JR, Nagey DA, Buchholz DW, Earley CJ, Johnson CJ, Macko RF, Sloan MA, Wityk RJ, Wozniak MA. Pregnancy and the risk of stroke.  N Engl J Med 1996;335:768-774.
  •         Tavee JO, Stern BJ. Neurosarcoidosis. Continuum (Minneap Minn) 2014;20:545-559.

Research Interests

My research interests involve many aspects of stroke: acute care, stroke systems of care, stroke in the young, intracranial atherosclerosis, and stroke prevention.

My research interests also include the neurological manifestations of sarcoidosis.