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Joaquin Muriel-Gonzalez, PhD

Academic Title:

Research Associate

Primary Appointment:



HSF1, 556

Phone (Primary):

(410) 706-6028

Education and Training

I received my Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Extremadura, Spain.

Highlighted Publications

R.M. Lovering, A. O'Neill, J.M. Muriel, J.A. Roche, B.L. Prosser, R.J. Bloch. Muscle physiology, membrane structure, and susceptibility to injury in animals lacking keratin 19 and/or desmin (In preparation) 

Jason Hammond, Richard Hinton, Leigh Ann Curl, Joaquin M. Muriel, and Richard M. Lovering. Use of Autologous Platelet-rich Plasma to Treat Muscle Strain Injuries. AJSM (In revision)

Muriel, J.M., Dong, C. and Vogel, B.E. FIBULIN-1D Function is Regulated by proteolytic cleavage. J. Biol. Chem. (In Revision)

Vogel, B.E., Muriel, J.M., Dong, C. and Xu, X. (2006) Hemicentins: What have we learned from worms? Cell Research16(11):872-878

Muriel, J.M., Xu, X., Kramer, J.M. and Vogel, B.E. (2006) Selective assembly of fibulin-1 splice variants reveals distinct extracellular matrix networks and novel functions for Perlecan/UNC-52 splice variantsDev. Dyn. 235:2632-2640

Dong, C., Muriel, J.M., Ramirez, S., Hutter, H., Hedgecock, E.M., Breydo, L., Baskakov, I.V. and Vogel, B.E. (2006) Hemicentin Assembly in the Extracellular Matrix is Mediated by Distinct Structural ModulesJ. Biol. Chem. 281:23606-10

Muriel, J.M., Dong, C., Hutter, H. and Vogel, B.E. (2005) Fibulin-1C and fibulin-1D Splice Variants Have Distinct Functions and Assemble in a Hemicentin Dependent MannerDevelopment 132:4223-4234.

Muriel, J.M., Brannan, M., Taylor, K., Johnstone, I.L., Lithgow, G.J. and Tuckwell, D.S. (2003) M142.2 (cut-6), a Novel Caenorhabditis elegans Matrix Gene Important for Dauer Body ShapeDev. Biol. 260:339-351.

McMahon*, L., Muriel*, J.M., Roberts*, B., Quinn, M. and Johnstone, I.L. (2003) Two Sets of Interacting Collagens Form Functionally Distinct Sub-Structures Within a C. elegans Extracellular MatrixMol. Biol. Cell. 14:1366-1378. *Equal contributors.

Muriel, J.M., Bruque, J.M., Olias, J.M. and Jimenez-Sanchez, A. (1996) Production of Biosurfactants by Cladosporium resinaeBiotechnology Letters. 18:235-240.