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Maia Mikeladze, MD

Academic Title:

Research Associate

Primary Appointment:



655 West Baltimore Street. Baltimore, MD 21201


I received my MD degree from the David Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia. After receiving postgraduate education in Cardiology I worked as a Cardiologist at Jo Ann medical center of cardiology/cardiosurgery in Tbilisi, Georgia for 7 years.

In 2009 I joined, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN as a research fellow.  Since December, 2009 I have been working at University of Maryland, Baltimore first as a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Medicine and from 2014 as a research associate.

Highlighted Publications

Mikeladze M, Hedrington M, Joy NG, Tate DB, Younk L, Davis, I, and Davis SN.  Acute effects of Dehydroepiandrosterone on counterregulatory responses during repeated hypoglycemia in healthy humans. Diabetes 2016.

Hedrington M, Mikeladze M, Tate, DB, Younk L, Davis I, Younk C, Davis SN. Effect of antecedent GABA A receptor activation on counterregulatory responses to exercise in individuals with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes 2016.

Joy NG, Mikeladze M,  Younk L, Tate DB, and Davis SN. Effects of Equivalent Sympathetic Activation during Hypoglycemia on Endothelial Function and Pro-Atherothrombotic Balance in Healthy Individuals and Obese Standard Treated Type 2 Diabetes. Metabolism 2016.