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Wendy G. Lane, MD, MPH

Academic Title:


Primary Appointment:

Epidemiology & Public Health

Secondary Appointment(s):


Additional Title:

Director, Preventive Medicine Residency Program


Howard Hall, 102 H

Phone (Primary):

(410) 706-7865


(410) 706-8013

Education and Training


1987-1991          B.A., History, University of Pennsylvania (Magna Cum Laude)

1991-1995          M.D., University of PennsylvaniaSchool of Medicine

1997-1998          M.P.H., University of North CarolinaSchool of Public Health,

                             Maternal and Child Health


Postgraduate Education and Training

1995-1999          Residency in Pediatrics, University of North Carolina Hospitals,

                             Chapel Hill, North Carolina

1997-1998          Residency in Preventive Medicine – Academic year

                             University of North Carolina School of Medicine

1999-2000          Residency in Preventive Medicine – Practicum year

                             University of MarylandSchool of Medicine

2000-2001          Fellowship in Child Abuse and Neglect,

                             Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

2001-2003          National Research Service Award Primary Care Fellowship,

                             University of MarylandSchool of Medicine



Wendy Lane, MD, MPH is a clinician and researcher at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  She is board certified in General Pediatrics, Child Abuse Pediatrics, and Preventive Medicine.  Dr. Lane received her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and then completed her Pediatric residency and Masters in Public Health at the University of North Carolina.  She completed a Preventive Medicine residency at the University of Maryland, and then a fellowship in Child Abuse and Neglect at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Dr. Lane is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Maryland and serves as Medical Director at the Baltimore Child Abuse Center.  Dr. Lane serves as Director of the Preventive Medicine Residency Program, Director of Community Outreach for the Master in Public Health Program, and Co-Director of the Program in Health Disparities and Population Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She was recently appointed to serve as Chair of the State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect.

Dr. Lane’s research focuses on child maltreatment and maternal and child health. She serves as the Principal Investigator for B’more for Healthy Babies Upton/Druid Heights, a community-based and community-engaged intervention to improve birth outcomes.  She also examines outcomes of maltreatment for children, and development and evaluation of maltreatment prevention programs. She examines professional issues such as disparities in the medical evaluation, identification and reporting of maltreatment.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Child maltreatment, Child abuse, Child neglect, health disparities, birth outcomes, maternal and child health

Highlighted Publications

Lane WG. Prevention of Child Maltreatment.  Pediatric Clinics of North America. 2014;61:873-888.

Lane WG, Dubowitz H, Feigelman S, Poole G.  The effectiveness of food insecurity screening in pediatric primary care.  International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition. 2014;3:130-138.

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Alberti PM, Sutton KM, Cooper LA, Lane WG, Stephens S, Gourdine MA.  Communities, Social Justice and Academic Medical Centers.  Academic Medicine.  In press.

Additional Publication Citations

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Clinical Specialty Details

Board certified general pediatrician

Additional board certification in the sub-specialty of child abuse pediatrics

Clinical and research focuses are in the areas of child abuse epidemiology, prevention, and disparities

Awards and Affiliations

2009                American Academy of Pediatrics Special Achievement Award –

                          Awarded for leadership of Foster Care Improvement Program

2010                Leadership Award, Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

2012                Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Diversity Recognition Award.  

                          For work on Promise Heights – Interdisciplinary effort to improve educational

                          and developmental outcomes in the Upton/Druid Heights neighborhood

                          of Baltimore City

2013                Named “Top Doctor” by Baltimore Magazine

2014                Administration on Children Youth and Families, US Department of Health

                          and Human Services

                          Commissioner’ Award for outstanding service in child protection in Maryland

2017                Dean’s Faculty Award for Diversity and Inclusion,

                           University of Maryland School of Medicine