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Blaine F. Kenaa, MD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:



110 S. Paca St. Second floor Pulmonary Baltimore, MD, 21201

Phone (Primary):


Education and Training


  • University of Maryland, College Park, BS, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, 2006
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine, MD, 2012
  • University of Texas, Houston, Internal Medicine, 2015
  • University of Maryland Medical Center, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, 2020


Dr. Kenaa is a Pulmonary Medicine trained clinician with a specialized interest in Interstitial lung disease. Her Critical care interest encompasses the delivery of ICU care through the utilization of Tele-ICU.

Dr. Kenaa’s research is focused on optimizing patient centered and high-quality care to patients. Her research project is a collaboration effort with the Infectious disease division under the mentorship of Dr. Surbhi Leekha to better understand opportunities for diagnostic stewardship in the diagnosis and treatment of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia.

 As part of her interest in education and Quality Improvement, she is currently working on improving house staff engagement in patient event reporting and adverse event analysis which is an initiative that was instituted during her previous appointment as House Officer for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement.

Research/Clinical Keywords

ILD, VAP, diagnostic stewardship, patient safety, QI, TeleICU

Highlighted Publications


1. Kenaa B, O’hara NN, O’hara LM, Claeys Pharmd KC, Leekha S. Understanding healthcare provider preferences for ordering respiratory cultures to diagnose ventilator associated pneumonia: A discrete choice experiment. Antimicrob Steward Healthc Epidemiol [Internet]. 2022 Jul 15 [cited 2022 Sep 5];2(1):e120.

2. Dodia N, Amariei D, Kenaa B, Corwin D, Chelala L, Britt EJ, et al. A comprehensive assessment of environmental exposures and the medical history guides multidisciplinary discussion in interstitial lung disease. Respir Med. 2021 Feb 11;179:106333.

3. So JY, O’Hara NN, Kenaa B, Williams JG, deBorja CL, Slejko JF, et al. Population Decline in COPD Admissions During the COVID-19 Pandemic Associated with Lower Burden of Community Respiratory Viral Infections. Am J Med. 2021 Oct 1;134(10):1252-1259.e3.

4. Kenaa B, O’Hara LM, Richert ME, Brown JP, Shanholtz C, Armahizer MJ, et al. A qualitative assessment of the diagnosis and management of ventilator-associated pneumonia among critical care clinicians exploring opportunities for diagnostic stewardship. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol [Internet]. 2021 Apr 16 [cited 2021 Apr 16];1–7. 

5. Kenaa B, Richert ME, Claeys KC, Shipper A, Sullivan K V., Schrank GM, et al. Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia: Diagnostic Test Stewardship and Relevance of Culturing Practices. Vol. 21, Current Infectious Disease Reports. 2019.