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Ann L. Hackman, MD

Academic Title:

Associate Professor

Primary Appointment:


Administrative Title:

Community Psychiatry Division Director

Additional Title:

Division Director Community Psychiatry, Medical Director PACT, Senior Psychiatrist RA1SE, Senior Education Consultant


701 W. Pratt St

Phone (Primary):

(410) 328-2564


(410) 328-0096

Education and Training

 B.A.  Psychobiology   Western Maryland College  1980

 M.A. Clinical Psychology   LoyolaCollege (Baltimore) 1987

 M.D. University of Maryland  School of Medicine 1990 

Psychiatry Residency TrainingUniversity of Maryland  1994


Ann Hackman is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  She completed her psychiatry residency training at the University of Maryland in 1994.  She is a board certified psychiatrist with added qualifications in forensics and addictions.  She is the Division Director for Community Psychiatry, Medical Director for the University of Maryland’s Programs of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT), Senior Education Consultant and Senior Psychiatrist for the Recovery after Initial Schizophrenia Episode (RA1SE) program.  She has longstanding interest in serious mental illness, in the treatment of people living with schizophrenia and in underserved populations including people experiencing homelessness

Research/Clinical Keywords

Schizophrenia, First episode, Underserved, Homelessness

Highlighted Publications

Hackman AL,Goldberg RG, Brown C, Fang LJ., Dickerson F, Wohlheiter K, Medoff D,  Kreyenbuhl J, Dixon L  (2006)  The use of  somatic emergency room services by people with serious mental illness.  Psychiatric Services 57(4):563-6

Hackman A, Brown, C, Yang Y, Goldberg, R,  Kreyenbuhl J, Lucksted A, Wohlheiter K, Dixon L (2007). Consumer satisfaction with inpatient psychiatric treatment among persons with severe mental illness. Community Mental Health Journal 43(6):551-564

Hackman AL, Stowell KR (2009) Transitioning clients from assertive community treatment to traditional mental health services.  Community Mental  Health Journal 45 (1): 1-5 .Epub ahead of print 2009 Jan 8


Additional Publication Citations

Storch DD, Jefferies ML, Hackman A, Woolery J (1992).  Sequelae of denied abortion.  American Journal of Psychiatry, 149 (2): 275 

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Borzekowski DL, Leith J, Medoff DR, Potts W, Dixon LB, Balis T , Hackman A, Himmelhoch S (2009)  Use of the internet and other media for health information among clinic outpatients with serious mental illness.  Psychiatric Services 60(9):1265-8

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Valenstein M,  Adler D, Berlant J, Dulit RA, Goldman B, Hackman A, Oslin DW, Seris SG, SonisWA (2009)  Implementing standardized assessments in clinical care: now's the time. Psychiatric Services  60 (10):1372-5

Goldman B, Dixon LB, Adler DA, Berlant J, Dulit RA, Hackman A, Oslin         DW, Siris SG, Valenstein, M  (2010). .  Rational protection of subjects in research and quality improvement activities.   Psychiatric Services 61(2):180-3.

Lewis R, Adler A, Dixon LB, Hackman AL, Oslon DW, Siris SG, Valenstein M (2011) The psychiatric note in the era of electronic communication.  Journal  Of  Nervous and Mental Disease 199(4):212-3.

Adler DA, Oslin DW, Valenstein M, Avery J, Dixon LB, Nossel I, Berlant J, Goldman B, Hackman AL, Koh S, Siris SG (2012)   Our jobs and their jobs: Mental health clinicians and patient’s work functioning. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease  200(5):451-3

Krishna N, Fischer BA, Miller M, Register-Brown K, Patchan K, Hackman A.  (2013)  The role of social media networks in .psychotic disorders:  a case report.  General Hospital Psychiatry. 35(5):576.e1-2.

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Stovall J, Fleisch SB, McQuiston HL, Hackman A, Harris T (2016) Ethics  and  the treatment of the mentally ill homeless person:  a perspective on psychiatric residency training, Academic Psychiatry (4):612-6

Kreyenbuhl JA, Medoff D, McEvoy J, Smith T, Hackman AL, Nossel IR, Essock SM, Muchanan RW (2106) The RA1SE Connection Program:  Psychopharmacological treatment of people with a first episode of schizophrenia, Psychiatric Services. 67(12):1300-1306

Chiappelli J, Chen S, Hackman A, Elliot Hong L  (2017) Evidence for differential opioid use disorder in schizophrenia and anaddiction treatment population.  Schizophrenia Research. 2017 May 6 [Epub ahead of print]

24) Patchan K, Vyas G, Hackman AL, Mackowick M, Richardson CM, Love RC, Wonodi I, Sayer MA, Glassman M, Feldman S, Kelly DL (2017) Clozapine in reducing aggression and violance in forensic populations. Psychiatric Quarterly.  Jun 22  [Epub ahead of print]


Research Interests

Schizophrenia, serious mental illness, Assertive Community Treatment, First episode psychosis

Clinical Specialty Details

community psychiatry, Assertive Community Treatment, first episode psychosis

Awards and Affiliations

1994                Brody Award departmental award for excellence in psychotherapy in residency

2000                Nancy Roeske Award an American Psychiatric Association award for teaching

2002                Huffer Award departmental award for medical student teaching 

2003                Arana Award for excellence as a role model, from University of  Psychiatry Residents

2007                Arana Award for excellence as a role model, from University of  Maryland Psychiatry Residents

2007                Heroes in the Fight Award from the Metropolitan Baltimore branch of  National Alliance on Mental Illness for continues dedication to people living with mental illness

2010               Rose Award  from University of Maryland Psychiatry residents for dedication to the underserved and for dedication and excellence in cultural psychiatry

2013                American Psychiatric Association Distinguished Fellow

2013                Weintraub Award departmental award from University of Psychiatry  Residents for excellence in teaching   

2015                Arana Award for excellence as a role model, presented by University of  Maryland Psychiatry Residents

2016                University of Maryland School of Medicine Student Council Faculty  Preclinical Teacher Award



Community Service

On Our Own of Maryland Anti-stigma project 2015-present

Professional Activity

1995-present   American Psychiatric Association

1995-present   Maryland Psychiatric Society (Head of Public Psychiatry Committee 2007-present)

2003-present   American Association of Community Psychiatry  (District representative 2016-present)

2007-present   Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry

2013-present   American Academy of Addiction Psychiatrists

2313-present   American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law