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Jill RachBeisel, MD

Dr. Irving J. Taylor Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry

Academic Title:

Associate Professor

Primary Appointment:


Administrative Title:

Chair, Department of Psychiatry


110 S Paca, 4N140

Phone (Primary):

(410) 328-5161


(410) 328-3693

Education and Training

Dr. RachBeisel is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine where she received her medical degree in 1985. She completed her 4 year Psychiatric Residency Program, serving as Chief Resident in her 4th year from the Univeristy of Maryland Medical Center Psychiatric Residency Program in 1989.


A faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry since 1989, Dr. Jill RachBeisel is an associate professor who has provided clinical, teaching, research collaboration, and administrative leadership over the past 24 years. Dr. RachBeisel began her career in the field of acute psychiatric care, emergency psychiatric interventions and quality management in the hospital setting.

From 7/1/99 thru 6/30 2016 she then served as the Division Director for Community Psychiatry at the University of Maryland, overseeing  200 staff & physicians, providing community mental health services through four major programs: 1. Traditional clinic program, 2. Case Management Services, 3. Psychiatry Rehabilitation Services and 4. Programs of Assertive Community Treatment.

During her tenure in this position she developed a  skills based teaching program for individuals with SMI living in supervised transitional housing. Her Curriculum is entitled “Academy of Independent Living” and is designed to prepare persons with SMI to live independently. In addition to her Division responsibilities Dr. RachBeisel was promoted to Chief of Clinical Services for the Department of Psychiatry on March 1, 2014 assuming the oversight, including program development & Performance Improvement, of all clinical services in the Department of Psychiatry. She is actively involved in understanding the impact of Population Health Management on persons with SMI as well as mental health issues in complex medical/surgical conditions. 

Research/Clinical Keywords

Adult Psychiatry, Integrated Care, Serious and Persistent Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorders, Women's Mental Health

Highlighted Publications

Maragakis,  A., Siddharthan, R., RachBeisel, J., & Snipes, C. 2015  Creating a “Reverse” Integrated Primary and Mental Health Care Clinic for Those with Serious Mental Illness. Primary Health Care Research & Development

Maragakis, A. & RachBesiel, J. 2015 Integrated care and the behavioral health home: A new program to help improve somatic health outcomes for those with serious mental illness.  Journal of Mental and Nervous Disease

Maragakis, A., RachBeisel, J., & Blount, A. (2015) Preliminary results from a new established behavioral health home: Early identification of glucose metabolism disorders in individuals with serious mental illness. Health Services Research & Managerial Epidemiology, 2

Clinical Specialty Details

In addition to her career long dedication to serving the seriously and persistently mentally ill, Dr. RachBeisel has developed interests in Women’s Mental Health ,Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults, the implementation of Evidenced-Based Clinical Practices in clinical programs including Illness Management and Recovery for the SMI population, Family involvement and the management of Substance Use Disorders in the face of Mental Illness.