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Education and Training

1995       MB.BS., Medicine and Surgery, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria  

2003       PG Diploma, Internal Medicine, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

2013       MS, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA 

2017       Ph.D., Epidemiology, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA  


Dr. Jumare has a robust background in clinical and public health practice. He worked for several years as an implementer, trainer and clinical advisor in a large HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria treatment and prevention program in Nigeria. He rose to become the Associate Director for Clinical Services at the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, a local implementing partner of the University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology (IHV-UMB). He facilitated the establishment of viable infrastructure for implementation science research and was involved in studies that explored the role of socio-behavioral and cultural barriers to HIV treatment adherence and access to care in Nigeria. 

Dr. Jumare’s current research focuses on the burden, characteristics and pathogenic mechanisms for neurocognitive disorders among HIV/AIDS patients in Nigeria. Key accomplishments of this work include characterizing the phenotype of HIV associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND), in addition to demonstrating a likely role for lymphocyte associated virus, HIV subtype differences and some immune activation markers in HAND pathogenesis.

Dr. Jumare also serves as ‘Academic Advisor’ to the graduate students sponsored through the ‘EPI-Nigeria’ NIH-Fogarty funded training project.

Research/Clinical Keywords

HIV/AIDS, Cognitive Function, Metabolic Disorders, Comorbidities

Highlighted Publications

  1. Jumare J, Ndembi N, El-Kamary SS, Magder L, Hungerford L, Burdo T, Eyzaguirre L, Dakum P, Umlauf A, Cherner M, Abimiku A, Charurat M, Blattner WA, Royal W III. Cognitive function among antiretroviral treatment-naïve individuals infected with HIV-1 Subtype G versus CRF02_AG in Nigeria. Clin Infect Dis. (In press).
  2. Jumare J, Sunshine S, Ahmed H, El-Kamary SS, Magder L, Hungerford L, Burdo T, Eyzaguirre L, Umlauf A, Cherner M, Abimiku A, Charurat M, Li J, Blattner WA, Royal W III. Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte HIV DNA Levels Correlate with HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders in Nigeria. J. Neurovirol. (2017). doi:10.1007/s13365-017-0520-5. PMID:28243867
  3. Buch S, Chivero E, Hoare J, Jumare J, Nakasujja N, Mudenda V, Paul R, Kanmogne G, Sacktor N, Wood C, Royal W and Joseph J.Proceedings from the NIMH symposium on “NeuroAIDS in Africa: Neurological and neuropsychiatric complications of HIV”. J Neurovirol. See comment in PubMed Commons below2016 Oct;22 (5):699-702. Epub 2016 Jul 29.  PMID: 27473196
  4. Royal W, Cherner M, Burdo T, Akolo C, Okwuasaba K, Umlauf A, Eyzaguirre L, Guo M, Letendre S, Jumare J Abimiku A, Alabi P, Alkali N, Bwala S, Williams K, Blattner W.Associations between Cognition, Gender and Monocyte Activation among HIV Infected Individuals in Nigeria. PLoS One. 2016;11(2). PMID: 26829391
  5. Coker M, Etiebet MA, Chang H, Awwal G, Jumare J, Babashani M, Habib AG, Dakum P, Charurat ME, Abimiku A, Blattner WA, Eng M, Ndembi N.. Socio-demographic and Adherence Factors Associated with Viral Load Suppression in HIV-infected Adults initiating therapy in Northern Nigeria: a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Peer Support Intervention. Curr HIV Res. 2015 Apr 7. [Epub ahead of print]  PMID: 25845393

Awards and Affiliations

2005    Member, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (MRCP)

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