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Clinical Care

We are interdisciplinary board-certified specialists who work collaboratively to provide person-centered care that maintains the physical and emotional well-being of patients receiving services and prioritizes dignity, independence, and choice as the focus of every healthcare decision.

Our Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine intends to integrate the geriatrics and palliative principles into the fabric of disease-modifying treatments patients receive daily. Our interdisciplinary teams offer expert recommendations to improve a patient's health and well-being, manage symptoms, and ensure that patient’s goals and care preferences are not only informed but also honored. The Plan of Care is built upon a foundation of shared decision-making between a knowledgeable, well-coordinated, proactive healthcare team and an informed patient, or based on the patient’s goals for care as expressed through Durable Power of Attorney.

Our specialists work within skilled, interdisciplinary teams to reduce the burden of serious illness by supporting older adults throughout the course of a disease and by managing factors that contribute to the suffering of the patient and the patient’s family.

Faculty and Interdisciplinary Team

Gerontology, Geriatrics Faculty

Palliative Medicine Faculty and Interdisciplinary Team