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December 2021

DateStory Topic
12/20 UMSOM's Dr. William Carpenter is quoted on the stigma associated with schizophrenia diagnosis. New York Times
12/13 UMSOM's Dr. Daniel Morgan provides advice for patients to improve communication with their doctor. WebMD
12/13 UMSOM's Dr. May Montasser comments on her new study identifying gene variant associated with lower cholesterol levels. Everyday Health
12/10 UMSOM's Dr. Donna Parker wins leader in health education award from Baltimore Business Journal. Baltimore Business Journal
12/9 UMSOM's Dr. Sandra Quezada discusses reasons for rise in medical school applications. Forbes Logo
12/8 UMSOM's Dr. Sharon Hoover explains reasons for rise in violence in schools. Fox-45-News
12/3 UMSOM's Dr. Scott Thompson is featured in this story about psychedelics potential for treating mental disorders. Science-News
12/3 UMSOM's Dr. Scott Thompson discusses his findings treating anxiety in mice with psilocybin after blocking the psychedelic effects Samachar Central
12/2 UMSOM's Dr. Mary Montasser describes a study investigating a genetic variant in Amish people that may protect against heart disease. The Scientist

November 2021

November 2021

Date Story Topic
11/25 UMSOM's  L. Susan Wieland discusses the benefits of yoga to improve back pain. MSN Color
11/24 UMSOM's Dr. Teo Postolache comments on whether age is a factor in the development of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Discover
11/22 UMSOM's Dr. Greg Jasani wrote an op-ed on new legislation to address physician shortages. MedPage
11/21 UMSOM's Dr. Allan Doctor discusses synthetic blood. NewsTalk
11/16 UMSOM's Dr. Stephen Seliger is quoted on the new University of Maryland Medicine policy removing raced-based algorithm from evaluations of kidney transplant patients. Washington Post
11/16 UMSOM's Dr. Paul Fishman discusses new research on Alzheimer's disease. WYPR
11/14 UMSOM's Dr. Amal Mattu comments on a new study showing epinephrine benefits heart attack patients when administered within 20 minutes following after cardiac arrest. MedScape
11/13 UMSOM's Dr. Rena Malik advises not to drink too much water to avoid frequent urination.
11/10 IHV's Bob Gallo comments on a University of Nebraska study that used molecular scissors to cut HIV out of the DNA of cells Omaha World-Herald logo
11/10 UMSOM's Dr. Muhammad Mohiuddin discusses his xenotransplantation research on transplanting genetically engineered pig's hearts into baboons.  TRT World
11/8 UMSOM's Dr. Raya Kheirbek discusses palliative care for prisoners and the importance of dignity for all end of life patients.  
11/8 UMSOM's Dr. Emerson Wickwire discusses challenges of adjusting to end of daylight savings time. WBAL
11/5 UMSOM's Dr. Paul Fishman is quoted on the approval of focused ultrasound device for Parkinson's disease. Medpage Today
11/4 UMSOM's Dr. Zhekang Ying's research on air pollution leading to brain inflammation that may lower sperm counts was covered Men's Health
11/3  CVD's Dr. Andrea Berry explains her new research showing a an unlikely kind of antibody in people with malaria  ANI 

October 2021

DateStory Topic
10/31 UMSOM's Dr. Zhekang Ying discusses his study showing that brain inflammation from pollution reduces sperm count in mice Asian News International
10/22 UMSOM's Dr. Teodor Postolache comments on the use of light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder.  Prevention
10/13 UMSOM's Dr. Chris D'Adamo discusses a new study on acupuncture to reduce post-surgical knee pain. HealthDay
10/13 UMSOM's Dr. Katrina Mark and Dr. Chris Welsh discuss new call-in line to help train doctors on treating pregnant women with opioid addiction. Baltimore Sun
10/11 UMSOM's Dr. Natalie Davis comments on her new study on the effects of THS in breast milk of premature infants. Healio
10/10 UMSOM's Dr. Natalie Davis comments on her new study on the effects of THC in breast milk on premature infants. Healthline 
10/9 UMSOM's Dr. Natalie Davis comments on her new study on the effects of THC in breast milk on premature infants. Fatherly
10/8 UMSOM's Dr. Natalie Davis comments on her new study on the effects of THC in breast milk on premature infants. MSN
10/7 CVD's Dr. Miriam Laufer talks about a historic WHO malaria vaccine recommendation for children in sub-Saharan Africa. WJLA
10/4 UMSOM's Dr. Chris D'Adamo shares his advice on using garlic to improve health.  

UMSOM's Dr. Andrew Goldberg comments on the science of Tom Brady's longevity as a quarterback.

Pro Football Network

September 2021

Date Story Topic

UMSOM's Michy Kelly explains that social compatibility may be genetic based on her findings in mice


UMSOM's Dr. Raya Kheirbek writes in an op-ed about compassionate care for dying prisoners.

Baltimore Sun 

CVD's Dr. James Campbell answers questions about pediatric COVID vaccines.

Baltimore Sun

CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil explains why antibiotic resistance and unsafe water and sanitation make access to typhoid vaccines very important in parts of the world where the disease remains common. 


Drs. Kathleen Neuzil and Myron Levine discuss the history of typhoid vaccines and recently published findings in the New England Journal of Medicine that a single-dose typhoid-conjugated vaccine is safe and effective in protecting against typhoid in Blantyre, Malawi.

Baltimore Sun 

Typhoid vaccines will be rolled out in Malawi nationwide following a two-year study, conducted by CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil and her research partners. It found that a single dose typhoid conjugate vaccine is safe and effective in protecting against typhoid in Blantyre, Malawi.

Voice of America  
9/17 CVD's Dr. Kathleen Neuzil and her research partners' work on a single dose typhoid conjugate vaccine, found safe and effective in protecting against typhoid in Blantyre, Malawi, was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.   Florida News Times 
9/17 UMSOM's Dr. Eric Weintraub is quoted on his study investigating the use of telemedicine mobile clinics to treat opioid addiction. Very-well-Health

UMSOM's Dr. Peixin Yang's study on birth defects due to maternal diabetes was covered in Science Times

Science Times

UMSOM's Dr. Peixin Yang discusses his study on the mechanism behind neural birth defects in babies born from mothers with diabetes

Hindustan Times

UMSOM's Dr. Eric Weintraub discusses his opioid treatment telemedicine study and rising rate of opioid deaths in Maryland.

Delmarva Now (USA Today network)

UMSOM's Dr. Eric Weintraub discusses findings from his mobile opioid unit study with Psycom. 


UMSOM's Dr. Marc Hochberg speaks to the Wall Street Journal about experimental treatments to improve knee cartilage.

Wall Street Journal

UMSOM’s Dr. Aloke Finn speaks to NBC News affiliates about his study on genetic variants involved in sudden cardiac death

NBC News

UMSOM's Michy Kelly, PhD, talks to New York Post about if there is a biological basis for instant attraction

New York Post 

IHV's Mohammed Sajadi, MD, speaks with WebMD about human trials beginning for an HIV vaccine created with mRNA technology 



July 2021

Date Story Topic
7/27 UMSOM's Dr. David McDuff is interviewed on WJZ about Simone Biles and Olympic Stress WJZ
7/27 IHV's Dr. Eleanor Wilson discusses why the CDC updated masking guidance for schools Chronicle of Higher Education
7/26 IHV's Dr. Eleanor Wilson comments on the effectiveness of the vaccine against the delta variant of COVID WJLA
7/23 IHV's Dr. Eleanor Wilson discusses the variants and the surge in the unvaccinated in this panel discussion Newswise
7/23 IHV's Dr. Robert Gallo verifies that Japan has a vaccination plan WUSA9
7/22 UMSOM's Dr. David McDuff discuss use of marijuana in Olympic athletes with Scientific American Scientific-American
7/20  IHV's Dr. Nadia Sam-Agudu is quoted in Nature about the evidence for vaccinating children for COVID-19 Nature
7/15 Dr. Peter Bowan is quoted in this MSN story about doing yoga and stretches to help scoliosis. MSN
7/14 IHV's Dr. Joel Chua discusses viral mutations in this Fact Check on COVID. USA Today
7/8 Dr. Robert Gallo says COVID-19 is a solvable problem as obviously it was easy to get a solvable vaccine.  Bloomberg
7/8 Dr. Pamela Peeke speaks to WebMD about how doctors serve as role models in teaching patients about obesity. WebMD
7/7 Dr. Sarah Edwards spoke to Medscape about the opening of the trauma-informed psychiatric unit for children at the UMMC. MedScape
7/6 Dr. Kashif Munir was quoted in this WebMD story on his new research involving the use of antacids to control diabetes. WebMD
7/1 Dr. Kirsten Lyke explains in Time the importance of wearing masks to protect against the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus. Time
7/1 Dr. Kathleen Neuzil discusses the final trial data of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. New Atlas


June 2021

DateFaculty FeaturedFaculty FeaturedLink
6/30 Confusion builds over face masks as Delta variant spreads across U.S. Kathleen Neuzil CBS
6/30 A malaria vaccine with live parasites shows promise in a small trial Kirsten Lyke Science News
6/29 Why these parents volunteered their young children for COVID-19 vaccine trials James Campbell CNN
6/25 FDA adds warning to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines Wilbur Chen  Fox 45
6/25 What went wrong with CureVac's mRNA vaccine  Kathleen Neuzil  Science 
6/24 Pandemic has made childhood obesity worse, but has uncovered new means to fight it Maureen Black New York Times magazine
6/22 Virginia teen participates in Novavax COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial     WUSA 9 
6/21 Genetic cause of neurodevelopmental disorder discovered Saima Riazuddin Science Daily
6/21 Researchers discover genetic cause of intellectual disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders Saima Riazuddin Asian News International
6/20 Schools can reopen safely, provided mitigation strategies are in place Meagan Fitzpatrick  Contagion Live
6/18 India should brace for third COVID-19 wave by Oct, say health experts Bob Gallo Reuters
6/16 Stop the bleed campaign David Efron WMAR
6/15 Aortic dissection tied to worse outcomes in women than in men Thomas Gleason Reuters
6/15 Another COVID vaccine option? Here is what we know about the Novavax shot that's on the way Karen Kotloff, Matthew Frieman Baltimore Sun
6/14 Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine is 90 percent effective, study finds Kathleen Neuzil Washington Post
6/10 'We were all scared,' The 40-year history of the HIV told by contemporary witnesses Bob Gallo Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (Germany)
6/9 Nearly 20% of people with unexplained cardiac death have previously undetected genetic variants Aloke Finn Beckers Hospital Review
6/9 Effectiveness of new Alzheimer's drug approved by FDA Julia Biernot CNN online
6/9 New Alzheimer's drug: what to know Julia Biernot WebMD
6/8 How microbes can reveal where we're from Lynn Schriml NPR
6/6 Fact check: Post misleads on effectiveness of J&J  COVID-19 vaccine in older adults  Dr. Matthew Laurens  USA Today 
6/1 Seasonal Affective Disorder Isn't Just for Winter Teodor Postolache New York Times
5/29 Exoskeleton-Assisted Walking May Improve Bowel Function Peter Gorman Neuroscience News
5/27 Maryland researchers study whether HIV cure can come from infusing patients with genetically modified ‘super T cells’ Robert Gallo Baltimore Sun
5/19 UMSOM expert answers COVID-19 questions from viewers (featured as individual questions shown on broadcasts over time) Matthew Laurens WBAL, Yahoo, MSN
5/17 CDC takeaway for masking: if you're vaccinated, you're safe Elizabeth Clayborne Yahoo Finance
5/13 The golden ticket for kids 11 and younger is a spot in a COVID-19 vaccine trial James Campbell  Washington Post
5/13 U.S. shouldn't prioritize vaccinating teens over donating shots abroad if it wants to get back to normal  Kathleen Neuzil  Business Insider
5/13 UMSOM begins vaccinating children in Novavax trial    Baltimore Sun
5/13 Psychedelic drugs to treat mental health issues Scott Thompson Baltimore Sun
5/13 UMSOM starts Novavax adolescent trial    MSNWJZ
5/13 Shot of Hope: DC area kids start COVID-19 vaccine study  James Campbell  NBC4MSN
5/13 COVID vaccine trial for teens starts at UMSOM   WMAR
5/12 Kids as young as 6 months start UMSOM pediatric COVID-19 study James Campbell WJLA
5/12 He tells his friends he is saving the world: An inside look at Moderna's COVID vaccine study in children  James Campbell WUSA
5/12 Essential oils for gout Bernadette Siaton The Healthy MSN
5/11 7 lingering COVID-19 vaccine questions Matthew Laurens Science News
5/10 Video: The second dose of coronavirus vaccine might make you sick. Here is why that's a good thing Kathleen Neuzil  Washington Post
5/10 Turning down gym class music to protect hearing Ronna Hertzano WTOP
5/7 Moderna, Pfizer warn of need for boosters Kirsten Lyke ABC7

Doctor discusses his son's participation in UMSOM COVID-19 vaccine study 

5/7 Pfizer/BioNTech requests full FDA approval of COVID-19 vaccine Kirsten Lyke  

COVID-19 booster shots probably won't cause worse side effects than original vaccine

Kathleen Neuzil

Business Insider 

Pfizer vaccine is effective against two worst variants 

Kathleen Neuzil

Yahoo! Finance

5/5  Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine offers strong protection against key variants of concern Kathleen Neuzil  Washington Post 
5/5 Treating gout in the ankle Bernadette Siaton The Healthy MSN
5/4 With COVID vaccines for kids and teens, timing matters James Campbell  New York Times
5/4 What you need to know about kids and COVID-19 vaccines Miriam Laufer New York Public Radio
5/4 What vaccine availability will mean for the fall 2021 school year Andrea Berry WJLA
5/3 Baltimore researchers mark one year since first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Kirsten Lyke WJZ
5/3 Thousands of children now involved in COVID vaccine trials James Campbell  Scripps (national)
5/3 Quest for HIV vaccine yields new hope José Esparza National Geographic
5/2 Some schools skip student quarantines Meagan Fitzpatrick  Washington Post
4/28 Children could soon get COVID-19 vaccines as Maryland kids pave way in new study James Campbell Baltimore Sun
4/21 6 Things that can cause black toenails Marcia Driscoll The Healthy MSN
4/15 Behavioral problems linked to snoring Amal Isaiah WTOP radio
4/14 Magic mushrooms as good as antidepressants Scott Thompson MSN Lifestyle
4/14 Your kid's snoring may be affecting their brain Amal Isaiah MSN Health 
4/14 Snoring linked to learning hurdles in kids Amal Isaiah

Fox News

4/13 Why parents should take kids' snoring really seriously Amal Isaiah

Huffington Post

4/12 Is Your Spin Class Music Way Too Loud? Ronna Hertzano

US News and World Report 

3/10 How Grief Rewires the Brain Lisa Shulman

US News and World Report

3/2 Promising New Treatments for Dry Eye Bennie Jeng

Ophthalmology Times

2/24 Tiger Woods Recovery from Car Crash Andrew Pollak Washington Post
2/24 Tiger Woods Recovery from Car Crash Andrew Pollak CBS Evening News

August 2021