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Criteria for Membership

Members are selected who have exhibited exemplary humanistic and professional behavior. We have defined this as the demonstration of the highest qualities of professionalism and humanism to peers as well as faculty and staff, specifically:

  1. Integrity and sound moral reasoning.
  2. Respect for others from all walks of life.
  3. The ability to establish good communicative relationships.
  4. A willingness to engage in supportive patient interaction/advocacy.
  5. An ability to learn from life experiences (in the face of adversity maintaining a commitment to the humanistic goals of compassion, altruism, respect, empathy and service).


Approximately 10 to 15% of the rising 4th year class will be elected to membership each year. Members at large will also include those residents selected to GHHS membership in other schools of medicine and a core group of humanistic faculty members.

Every year, faculty members throughout the School of Medicine as well as all members of the rising fourth year class will be asked via email to nominate students who meet the criteria described above. Faculty and students are encouraged to include comments when they nominate individual students. Nominees should reflect the diversity of the class. In addition, current members will select six residents and one faculty member per year for induction into the Society.

Selection Committee

Membership of the Selection Committee includes but is not limited to:

Dr. John A. Talbott, co-advisor of the chapter
Dr. Nidhi Goel, co-advisor
Dr. Neda Frayha, co-advisor
The Associate Dean for Medical Education
The Associate Dean for Student Affairs
The Associate Dean for Admissions