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Information for FPI Clinical Practices

All FPI Clinical Practices are expected to follow these guidelines for screening and triaging patients presenting with history and clinical features suggesting COVID-19. These guidelines will help you protect yourself, your coworkers, other patients, your family, and the public. Guidelines are rapidly changing as this virus spreads.

Please check the following pages frequently for updated instructions.

Screening and Triage

Sign for Clinic

Screening and Triage Flow Diagram for FPI Clinical Practices Not Performing COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 In-Person Screen for Outpatient Visit: Procedure for Clinical Staff

Decision Worksheet for Additional Screening/Triage for Clinical Practices not Conducting COVID-19 Testing*

*Please Note: This document provides guidance on additional screening questions and risk categorization for patients who answer “Yes” to high level COVID-19 screening questions. This is not official policy but a recommended clinical tool for ease of patient categorization.

Personal Protective Equipment

Summary of Equipment

  • Donning (putting on) PPE
  • Doffing (taking off) PPE
  • Decontaminating Reusable Equipment
  • Decontaminating Reusable Elastomeric Respirators
  • Decontaminating PAPR and Hood
  • Facial Hairstyles


  • Elastomeric Respirator
  • N95 Respirator
  • PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirators)

Patient Education Materials

Information from CDC about COVID-19

Instructions for Self-Monitoring

Employee Guidance

Employee Guidance on COVID-19 Illness & Exposures