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Vision, Values and Mission

MELA Vision

Create an environment that fosters career development of a diverse community of nationally recognized leaders in medical education. 

MELA Values

Excellence, Leadership, Diversity, Social Responsibility, Collaboration and Communication, Respect, Accountability, Knowledge and Scholarship, Professionalism and Humanism.

MELA Mission

To provide leadership and support for the people who advance the education mission of the UMSOM.

Practically, this means the MELA will:

  • advance the mission of UMSOM by fostering an organizational culture that values education and educators;
  • serve as an essential resource for career development in medical education; 
  • promote and reward teaching excellence;
  • be a voice for our medical education community and serve as a catalyst for parity and equity in the academic promotion process;
  • facilitate leadership development for assumption of school, local, regional and national leadership roles;
  • maintain an emphasis on community, diversity, inclusion, advocacy, and service;
  • recruit and sustain a diverse group of faculty to participate in Academy activities; 
  • accelerate advances and innovation in teaching, learning and curriculum development;
  • ensure the continued acquisition of knowledge of all aspects of adult learning; 
  • sustain and support an interdisciplinary community of educators who values and disseminates the scholarship of teaching and learning;
  • improve the efficiency and quality of medical education through collaboration and agility;
  • model professionalism, respect and accountability.