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About Baltimore

Where We Are

Our campus is located on the west side of Baltimore, just blocks from the Inner Harbor, where you will find a wide variety of shopping and dining options, including national chains such as Barnes & Noble and the Hard Rock Café. The Inner Harbor is also home to the National Aquarium Baltimore, the Maryland Science Center and Harborplace.

The People

The reason Baltimore is known as “Charm City” has much to do with the people who live here. Folks are unpretentious, mostly blue-collar, and fiercely loyal to their families, neighborhoods, and sports teams. When they tell you "Welcome to Bawlmer, hon!" (in that wonderfully unique Baltimore accent) the endearment is not in jest. They truly are happy to meet visitors and newcomers and show off their city.


Within walking distance are the M & T Bank Stadium and Camden Yards, home to the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles. Baltimoreans take their sports very seriously, bleeding black & orange in the summer for the O's and Ravens purple & black in the winter. They even have a museum devoted entirely to Babe Ruth and local sports heroes, including Cal Ripken, Jr. and Johnny Unitas. 


In fact, Baltimore has museums dedicated to just about everything. Art aficionados of all sorts will find something to love at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the American Visionary Art Museum or the Walters Art Museum. There are also museums for Great Blacks in Waxdentistryfirefighting, even comics and tattoos. Historic sites and monuments can be found throughout Baltimore's streets as well.


If your tastes run more toward the dramatic, check out the theater scene at Center Stage or the Everyman Theatre, or see Broadway-caliber productions at the restored Hippodrome. Those with a musical passion won't be disappointed -- Baltimore has many noted live music venues, and no less than Rolling Stone magazine voted it Best Music Scene.  Near campus, there is The Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric, and The Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, home of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.


Feeling hungry? The sports bars Pickles Pub and the Camden Pub are popular choices near campus when the munchies come on. Baltimore is best known for its seafood, particularly crab cakes and steamed blue crabs, with family-owned favorites like Obrycki's and Phillips winning top raves. The stalls of Lexington Market offer cuisine to suit any palate, and on the east side of the harbor is the famous Little Italy