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ROBIN OligoMET Center

The Radiation Oncology-Biology Integration Network Oligometastasis (ROBIN OligoMET) Center is focused on understanding how radiation therapy can affect the metastatic process particularly in low-volume or oligometastatic prostate cancer (PCa). Our center brings together in-depth experience, knowledge, and high-level skills from the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB), Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) and Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) to study mechanisms of how radiation therapy (RT) can affect the metastatic process.

This multidisciplinary perspective enables us to bring the latest clinical trials, profiling and computational methods to bear on the most clinically relevant aspects of oligometastasis. The projects integrate state-of-the-art tissue, liquid and radiomic multi-parametric profiling techniques from humans complimented with syngeneic mouse tumor models in the context of a first-in-man phase II randomized trial. Data will be integrated using novel network methods to prioritize candidates for functional validation across projects.

This U54 ROBIN OligoMET Center is led by Drs. Phuoc Tran (contact PI), Nicole Simone and Amit Sawant (both contact MPIs.) Project 1 (genomics, radiomics and liquid biopsies) is led by Drs. Tran, Ren and Sawant; Project 2 (metabolomics and disparities) is led by Dr. Simone; and the Resource Sharing and Cross-Training Cores are led by Drs. Luigi Marchionni, Sawant and Ren. 

For more information, please contact the Program Manager Jadyn Stewart or Vice Chair for Research Dr. Phuoc Tran

Collaborating Institutions

Thomas Jefferson University

Weill Cornell Medical College

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