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Social Justice Compact

There is a clarion call for the promotion of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion in our society.  We concur with this well-known statement: If not us, who?  If not now, when?

We will engage in ongoing strategic and intentional actions to advance in a measurable way our vision for social justice, civil rights and civil liberties for all members of our School of Medicine, University and their communities across the United States.  Together,  we will continuously listen and educate ourselves about systemic racism and structural barriers to success for all, legislative and policy matters, economic inequalities, health care access, and all forms of bias that contribute further to cumulative disadvantages for marginalized groups.

We will undertake these actions, with cultural humility, in all school missions to include education, research, clinical care and community engagement.

We have committed ourselves to be an organization that embodies diversity, equity, inclusion and in which all members of our community are encouraged to respectfully and empathically voice their opinions while embracing and supporting the diversity in background and thought of the entire community.

In these ways, we will work to create safety and build trust across our community and prepare to face all future challenges with socially just solutions.